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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
BNA Summer League Round-Up

In Bermuda Netball Association’s Summer League continued at Bernard’s Park.

Women’s Division

The PHC Lady Zebras defeated the Lady Stars 37 – 12,

The PHC Lady Zebras were led to victory by Sonja Townsend who scored 29 goals, Tyra Simmons added 8 goals. The Best Attacker was Debre Evans, while In-Shanae Smith was the Best Defender, and the MVP was Sonja Townsend. MVP, and Best Attacker Siyuanne Hall led the Lady Stars with 12 goals, while Marissa Brangman added 7 goals, the teams Best Defender was Monique White.

Co-Ed Division

The Front Street Mafia defeated the Goal Diggers 21 – 10, Best Attacker Charlotte Evans scored 12 goals to lead the Front Street Mafia to victory, Olivia Bugg added 9 goals, the teams Best Defender was Jesse Marshall, and Alex Godet was named the teams MVP. The Goal Diggers got 5 goals apiece from Qinnae Outerbridge, and Kwame Harris, while the Best Attacker was Kenya Simons, Kayjuna Lema was named the Best Defender, with Lyndon Guiseppi named the MVP.

The Storm Chasers edged BPSU 31 – 27, Antione Williams led the Storm Chasers with 19 goals, Best Attacker Nabiilah Nasir added 12 goals, the Best Defender was Josh Hardtman, and the MVP was Tariq Bean. Best Attacker Sheldon Bahadosingh scored 20 goals, while MVP Demiqua Daniels added 7 goals, with Jahmari Lewis-Trott named the Best Defender.
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
BNA Summer League Round-Up

The Bermuda Netball Association’s Summer League season resumed at the Bernard’s Park.

Women’s Division

The BPSU Ladies defeated the Lady Stars 24 – 12, the BPSU Ladies got 11 goals from MVP Fredrika Walker, Charlene Bogle added 10 goals, and Stacey O'Brien scored 3 times, their Best Attacker was Stacey-Ann Brown, while their Best Defender was Peta-Gay Scott. The Lady Stars got 10 goals from Julesa Robinson, and Sioma Rudo added 2 goals, the Best Attacker was Kaylee Lema, while the Best Defender was Monique White, and the team's MVP was Marissa Brangman.

The PHC Lady Zebras defeated St. Georges 21 – 18, MVP Tyra Simmons was the top scorer with 13 goals, Sonja Townsend added 6 goals, and Best Defender Inshan-nae Smith scored 2 goals. St. Georges got 17 goals from MVP Nisaiah Berkeley, while Drewshae Bascome scored once, the Best Attacker was Kiarrah Rogers, while the Best Defender was Dezarae Darrell.

Co-Ed Division

The Storm Chasers defeated the Front Street Mafia 25 – 12, the Storm Chasers were led to victory with 13 goals from Best Attacker Kimale Evans, Nabiilah Nasir added 9 goals, while MVP Antione Williams scored 3 times, the Best Defender was Chrysda Smith. The Front Street Mafia got 8 goals from Charlotte Evans, Best Attacker Olivia Bugg added 3 goals, and Andrew Kemp scored once, their Best Defender was Jesse Marshall, with Ciara Izuchukwu named the team MVP.

BPSU defeated the North Village Rams 48 – 20. Best Attacker Sheldon Bahadosingh led BPSU to victory with 39 goals, Fredrika Walker added 5 goals, while the Best Defender was Demiqua Daniels, with Jahmari Lewis-Trott named the MVP. North Village got 14 goals from Jordyn Morris, while Darrika Simons added 6 goals, Shi Jennings was named the team’s Best Attacker, Best Defender, and MVP.
Tuesday, May 14, 2024
BNA Summer League Round-Up
The Bermuda Netball Association’s Summer League season got underway at Bernard’s Park.

Women’s Division

Lady Stars 30 St. George’s 22

The Lady Stars defeated St. George’s 30 – 22 in Women’s Division action, the Lady Stars got 22 goals from MVP and Best Attacker Julesa Robinson, while Sioma Rudo added 8 goals, and the Best Defender was Monique White.

MVP Nicky Smith led St. George’s in scoring with 10 goals, Drewshae Bascome scored 5 goals, Selina Bascome added 4 goals, and Kristin Holman scored three times, their Best Attacker was Nisaiah Berkeley, while their Best Defender was Cherie Manders.

BPSU Ladies 16 PHC 17

PHC edged BPSU Ladies 17 – 16, MVP Tyra Simmons scored 9 goals for PHC, while Sonja Townsend added 5 goals, and Vernika Symonds scored the other 3. Terita Bean was named the Best Attacker, while their Best Defender was Sarafina Woolridge.

The BPSU Ladies got 8 goals from Demiqua Daniels, Doneisha Gardner added 7 goals, and Charlene Bogle scored once, Stacy-Ann Brown was named the team MVP and Best Attacker, while Peta-Gay Scott was named the Best Defender.

Co-Ed Division

BPSU 32 Goal Diggers 4

BPSU defeated the Goal Diggers 32 – 4 in Co-Ed Division action, MVP and Best Attacker Sheldon Bahadosingh scored 23 goals, Charlene Bogle added 5 goals, and Demiqua Daniels scored once, the team's Best Defender was Vincent David.

The Goal Diggers Goal got 3 goals from Taboka Mudzengi, and 1 goal from Best Attacker Kenya Simons, the Best Defender was Chelzea Somner, and the MVP was Kiante Lightbourne.

North Village Lady Rams 21 Storm Chasers 35

The Storm Chasers would defeat the North Village Lady Rams 35 – 21. The Storm Chasers got 18 goals apiece from MVP Antione Williams, and Nabiilah Naasir, with Amali Powell named the Best Attacker and Josh Hardtman the Best Defender.

MVP Jordyn Morris scored 19 goals for the North Village Lady Rams, with Darrika Simons adding 2 goals. The Best Attacker was Shi Jennings, and the Best Defender was Quinn Simmons.
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Netball Summer League Register Deadline

The deadline to register your teams for the Netball Summer League is this week Friday, April 19th, 2024.

There are three different leagues to choose from, Open Female (aged 14+), Co-Ed, and Over 40!! All are welcome!!

To register a team please Click Here

To fill out your team roster please Click Here

To register as an individual because you are not yet associated with a team, please Click Here

Tuesday, April 09, 2024
World Netball Bans Transgender Women

World Netball has banned transgender women from competing in women's international competitions.

The ban comes in with immediate effect after the global governing body released a new participation and inclusion policy on Monday.

World Netball said that after a lengthy consultation process, it had determined international women's netball was a "gender-affected activity".

A new policy was required to ensure "fairness and safety", it added.

Women's netball at the international level will now be restricted to players "recorded as female at birth irrespective of gender identity" or transgender athletes who can demonstrate to World Netball's satisfaction "they have not experienced the biological effects of testosterone at any time".

"Following a detailed review of the science and consultation with experts and members, it has determined that international level women's netball is a gender-affected activity and that a policy is required (to) ensure fairness and safety at this level of our sport," World Netball said in a statement.

"World Netball believes that the research on which it has relied is robust, it comprises many research studies, all of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals and come from multiple distinct research groups around the world."

World Netball said national governing bodies could choose to "modify or even not apply these guidelines" if they decided to base their participation rules on other factors.

In a statement, England Netball told BBC Sport: "We want to ensure that netball is as safe, fair and inclusive as it can be. With World Netball having now published their updated gender guidance we continue to develop our own policy that seeks to support how best to include everyone in netball."

It added: "Our current guidance is under review and we will share further updates in due course."

The international policy, which follows similar moves by other sports, will be reviewed annually by World Netball.

In June 2022, Swimming's World Governing Body FINA voted to stop transgender athletes from competing in women's elite events if they had gone through any part of the process of male puberty.

The Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union also banned transgender women from competing in female-only forms of their games.

World Athletics banned transgender women from competing in the female category at international events, while world cycling's governing body the UCI ruled transgender women would be prevented from competing in female events.

Transgender women have also been barred by the International Cricket Council from playing in international women's matches.
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