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Thursday, May 19, 2022
Bermuda Finish Third on SSL Gold Cup Day One

Bermuda sailors began competing in the first-ever SSL Gold Cup 2022 Qualifying Series races in Grandson, Switzerland. Two groups battled on the water but shifty wind conditions allowed only one race per group to go. SSL Team Puerto Rico made History by becoming the first-ever SSL Gold Cup QS Winner. They were followed by SSL Team Estonia, the winner in the other group.

In Group 1, after SSL Team Tahiti crossed too early the starting line, SSL Team Puerto Rico had to battle against a dominant SSL Team Bermuda in the first two-leg. Undecided until Mark 3, Puerto Rico finally cruised to victory.

Although enjoying a comfortable lead over SSL Team Bermuda, Shannon Falcone's squad were stuck in small winds and saw their lead shrink. In the end, Antigua just made it to finish 2nd in front of Bermuda and the Black Pearls of Tahiti, who were unable to catch up with the Rockal Evans' Privateers.

Thursday, May 19, 2022
Sherwin Leads Bermudian Hopes in Newport Bermuda Race

In four weeks, a fleet of approximately 200 yachts will set off on the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race, the original ocean race. For many the lure of the Bermuda Race is the challenge of ocean racing with the promise of landing at an idyllic oasis in the Atlantic Ocean. For one Bermudian crew, the motivation is all of the above, as well as the answer to the question, “Why not?”

Dr. Stephen Sherwin will make his ninth start as skipper since 2000 when his Corby 41.5 Nasty Medicine takes the start on Friday, June 17. Representing the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, which has hosted the finish of all 52 editions of the race, Sherwin is one of the more successful Bermudian skippers to compete in the storied race, having scored two class wins (2000 and 2014) and a third place (2008). His class win in 2000 also captured the Americap Classic Division overall.

“It’s a great race; I’m looking forward to it immensely,” said the 67-year-old Sherwin, a family physician. “It’ll be nice to be back on the water. Nasty Medicine’s an ocean-going boat, and if you don’t use it in the ocean, you don’t get that sensation of being tossed around belowdecks in unbearable weather.”

Sherwin’s Nasty Medicine is one of three boats entered from the destination island of Bermuda. Also entered is the J/125 Crossfire, owned by Brian Hillier (Hamilton, Bermuda), and the Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s sail-training vessel Spirit of Bermuda, the three-masted 112-foot schooner captained by Alexander Peacock (Newmarket, N.H.), which will be racing for the fourth time with a crew of more than 30.
Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday Night Sailing Race 3 Round-Up

The 2022 Wednesday Night Sailing Series is underway, with racing starting off the Hamilton Princess.

Nasty Medicine was the first boat to cross the line on race day three clocking a time of 56:14, with their corrected time of 1:01:41 still saw them finish first on the night.

The second boat to cross the line on the night was Crossfire with a time of 58:08, but their corrected time of 1:04:07 saw them finish 4th on the night.

Scatteraction was the third boat on the night to cross the line with an elapsed time of 1:06:28, but their corrected time of 1:02:54 saw them finish second on the night, finishing third on the night was Airforce who clocked an elapsed time of 1:07:36, but they had a corrected time of 1:03:58.

Rounding out the top five finishers on the night was Windfire who had an elapsed time of 1:08:27, but a corrected time of 1:04:47.

Wednesday Night Sailing Race Three Results

1:01:41 Nasty Medicine Co

1:02:54 Scatteraction
1:03:58 Airforce
1:04:07 Crossfire
1:04:47 Windfire
1:04:56 Back in Black
1:05:41 Tiberon
1:05:45 Passion
1:05:46 Elusive
1:07:30 Menace
1:08:02 RS-21 (3)
1:08:14 Shogun
1:08:30 RS-21(2)
1:08:48 BGC
1:08:56 Lix
1:09:14 Man O War
1:09:28 Jitterbug
1:09:39 RS-21 (4)
1:09:46 Markel
1:11:36 Bull Shot Harbor
1:12:27 Cyclone Farr
1:16:36 RS-21 (5)
1:21:28 Severn Luders
RET Gumpshon
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Bermuda's SSL Team Members Train in Switzerland

Bermuda Sailors continue preparations for the upcoming SSL Gold Cup which will start on May 19th with the Qualifying Series in Grandson, Switzerland.

Day 2 saw them hit the water for Training, with the Opening Ceremony taking place as well.

The Bermuda Sailors got a little more breeze today to start than they had yesterday but still fairly light, the sailors working as a team are learning more and more each day.

The final day of practice is tomorrow and then they are into the racing!
Monday, May 16, 2022
Bermuda's SSL Team Members Arrive in Switzerland

Bermuda Sailors will now have the opportunity to make the island shine as the SSL Gold Cup will start on May 19th with the Qualifying Series in Grandson, Switzerland.

The Bermuda Jersey will be front and center for the Regatta with Bermuda Sailors representing and drawing attention to the island.

The Bermuda team spent most of Sunday traveling to represent the island, they arrived late afternoon in Grandson to the sun shining and the boats ready to go, the Bermuda team member couldn’t resist a little sunset shakedown on the lake.

The Bermuda team this week has Penny Clark there with them as a coach, they will put in three days of training, before they start racing on Thursday.
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