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Sunday, September 16, 2018
Open Water Bermuda National Championships

Eileen Mullowney
Females dominated the Open Water Bermuda National Championships held at Clearwater.

The 5K Open Water Swim was won by Eileen Mullowney who was clocked across the line in a time of 1:13:13, Dan Hugo the husband of Bermuda’s Female Athlete of the year and Former Triathlete World Number One Flora Duffy finished second in 1:21:05.

Another big story during the 5K Open Water race, was the fact that Mike Cash swam the distance dragging a Tree Log, Cash would complete the course in a time of 1:35:23.

Duffy herself swam to victory in the 1500m Open Water Swim, Duffy was clocked across the line in 20:11, with Brian Desmond second in a time of 21:02.

During the 400m Open Water Swim Marleigh Howes clocked the fastest time of 6:04, with Rajan Patton second in 6:14.

Open Water Bermuda - National Championships

5K Open Water Swim

1:13:13 Eileen Mullowney

1:21:05 Dan Hugo
1:21:18 Paul Degiulio
1:21:59 Annette Budge
1:26:35 Stuart Joblin
1:34:47 Rory O'Connell
1:35:23 Mike Cash
1:35:36 Karen Smith
1:49:33 Ryne Cash
1:56:20 Jeffrey Conyers
1:57:13 Jennifer Lightbourne

1500m Open Water Swim

20:11 Flora Duffy

21:02 Brian Desmond
21:38 Jack Harvey
22:08 Nicholas Pilgrim
23:12 Taylor White
23:20 Ashley Irby
23:43 Giulio Ligori
23:52 Jill Brewer
25:10 Caleb Ingham
25:34 Tommy Marshall
25:45 Corey Brunton
25:53 Myeisha Sharrieff
25:54 Daria Desmond
26:04 Augustin Yiptong
26:23 Daniel Kunst
26:24 Bella Howes
27:26 Caroline Wright
27:46 Clive Langley
28:43 Jessie Marshall
29:21 Claudine Pullen
29:27 Adriana Argent
29:29 Jonathan Betts
29:59 John Thompson
30:34 Amelie Argent
30:50 Amber Simons
30:50 Jennifer Wilson
30:55 Lucas Castree
30:57 Stephen Castree
32:39 Duncan Scott
32:41 Will Green
34:26 Frances Betts
36:41 Teru Shimbara
36:47 Teddy Shum
36:50 Michael Harvey
38:46 Erica McArthur
41:24 Dianna White
50:44 Mel Sousa

400m Open Water Swim

06:04 Marleigh Howes

06:14 Rajan Patton
06:31 Kyle Cash
06:46 Joseph Valkis
07:08 Sven Curley
07:48 Jamie Pedro
07:48 Jacob Wright
07:51 Enshe-Nico Davis
07:51 Owen Curley
07:52 Ava Pedro
07:52 Tyler Coleman
07:54 Amar Patton
08:39 Pharaoh Benevides
09:06 Dominic Wright
09:35 Sage Benevides
09:40 Madison Schindel
09:41 Allison Petty
09:58 Handsome Williams
10:15 Rachel Levy
10:17 Jon Levy
10:57 Simon Argent
11:16 Otis Ingham

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