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Sunday, June 20, 2021
Belongers Can Now Belong to Bermuda

The Association has been discussing the issue of representation on behalf of Bermuda at various international festivals, in particular the Olympics, Pan Am Games Commonwealth Games and CAC Games.

There have been many opinions regarding who should have the right to represent Bermuda and what documentation should be presented or criteria applied to establish this right.

The issue has also been around consistency in the application of the criteria meaning that there should be a set of criteria that is applicable to each and every individual who desires to represent Bermuda under the auspices of the Bermuda Olympic Association.

It is a fact that at times the four mentioned Games above may present different eligibility requirements but the issue facing the Association is who should have the right to represent Bermuda despite the specific Games eligibility criteria. This has been determined by the Association as being any person who is a "belonger."

In this regard, we have sought opinion on what documents represent proof of "belonging" to Bermuda and, on the basis that the determination of a person's status is a matter for the Department of Immigration, the following official documents represent proof of belonging to Bermuda and as a consequence establishes who has the right to represent Bermuda.

The documents are:-

1. BOTC (Bermuda) passport acquired through Naturalization
2. Any passport with a stamp stating, "The holder is registered as a Bermudian", or
3. Government letter or certificate stating that "The holder is registered as a Bermudian", or
4. Bermuda Status Certificate, or
5. Naturalization Certificate which identifies the holder as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (Bermuda)

Please note that although these documents will satisfy as proof of "belonger" status, it must also be emphasized that determining a person's status is a matter for the Bermuda Department of Immigration. The Bermuda Department of Immigration does not prescribe who can represent Bermuda.

This is exclusively reserved for the Association to determine, and we have done so by stating that the person must be a "belonger' and proof of that is any of the above documentation.

However, it must be emphasized that these are the requirements which satisfy this Association as to who may represent Bermuda. What is then necessary to attend an International Olympic Committee ("IOC") event is that the individual present a passport of the country they represent.

In representing Bermuda, a BOTC (Bermuda) passport is required. It is the obligation of the individual to present a BOTC (Bermuda) passport to the IOC for the purpose of participation.

It is this Association's understanding that if you are able to obtain any of the documentation referred to above at numbers 2 to 5, then you should be in a position to obtain a BOTC (Bermuda) passport although this a process which requires appropriate application to be made to the Department of Immigration. The Association will require any individual, before being allowed to represent Bermuda at any IOC event, to obtain their BOTC (Bermuda) passport.
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