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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Bermuda U17 Coach & Captain on Game & Injuries

Jaden Master Injured
The Bermuda Under 17 Women’s National team played to a 2 - 2 draw with Trinidad & Tobago in their first CONCACAF Final Round match in Haiti.

The match had incidents that resulted in Bermuda having to first reshuffle players then two players needing hospital treatment.

Due to the unknown conditions of the players following last night's game, www.islandstats.com took the approach of not reporting that two players were taken to the hospital for head injuries.

We spoke with coach Aaron Denkins to get his view on the overall performance of the team, “The overall performance of the team was great provided the circumstances. The opponent although not technically better were more physical. There was an early injury to Adia Gibbons which forced us to make an early switch just before the half”.

Denkins went on to say, “After the half Trinidad & Tobago came out more physical and aggressive which the team took some time to adapt to. Once we started to get back on top the two injuries happened”.

“First goalscorer Leilanni Nesbeth had to be taken off the field due to a head injury shortly followed by Jaden Masters. Both players having to be immobilized on the field and taken away in ambulances had a psychological effect on the rest of the team,” continued Denkins.

Denkins continued, “At this level of football and with the level of the opponent goals against are going to be expected. We have to keep things into perspective and focus on the fact that with all of the adversity on the field the girls finished the game with a positive result”.

“We will now focus the players on the next opponent which is another top level team,” concluded Denkins.

Captain Danni Watson said, “During the game it was not that difficult at all to keep the team motivated. Not only was I communicating to my teammates but they were communicating to each other.”

“We all kept each other in the game and focused. When we scored our first goal it impacted our performance drastically, we were playing with more confidence and less nervous,” continued Watson.

Watson continued, “When Leilanni Nesbeth went down for an injury our lights were dimmed just a little bit but never the less the objective was still in sight, but when Jaden Masters went down on injury our morales started to change”.

“I knew that since we lost two attackers we had to play defensively, however once we got the chance to attacker we were not going to give up the opportunity. But as always we pushed each other on and encouraged each other through the adversity we had been through, we kept each other motivated and even as the captain you want to here from your teammates that you're doing a good job,” continued Watson.

Watson concluded, “After all we are family out here, when we are each other's only supporters. After the game we encouraged each other and went to check on our injured teammates. Overall our teammates carried themselves well and played with passion we look forward to playing against Jamaica and with the high hopes of defeating them”.
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