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Sunday, May 24, 2020
White Concludes Virtual Tour of the Gila 3 Day Stage Race

Eder Frayre thought he had won the third and final race of the three-day Virtual Tour of the Gila on Sunday, however, race announcers confirmed that he was later disqualified because he did not finish the previous day's Stage 2.

Frayre crossed the stage 3 finish line first ahead of Chris McGlinchey and Jordan Cheyne. McGlinchey then moved up one spot in the final standings to take the stage win and Cheyne ended up in second place.

The men raced just over 70km on a mountainous final day of racing, which saw Conor White finishing 32nd.

White finished in 34th in the General Classification with a combined time of 3:48:03, he is 8:35 behind the overall Gavin Dempster.

In the King of the Mountain in the Sprint Classification Division, White finished T3rd with 11 points.

Saturday, May 23, 2020
White Competes in Virtual Tour of the Gila 3 Day Stage Race

Conor White began competing in the Virtual Tour of the Gila Three Day Stage Race.

Stage One saw the competitors compete in a Time Trial, White finished 69th with a time of 29:34 representing Hamilton United, as a team they finished 9th.

Stage Two was a Circuit Race over a 67.4km distance, reminiscent of the Tour of the Gila Fort Bayard stage with a fast, flat finish.

White finished 30th clocking a time of 1:32:40, 3:56 behind the Stage winner Holden Comeau who clocked 1:28:44.

White is 49th in the General Classification with a combined time of 2:02:14, he is 5:58 behind the overall leader Comeau.

In the King of the Mountain in the Sprint Classification Division, White is in 4th place with 10 points.

Sunday, May 17, 2020
Mewitt Finishes 13th in Stage 3 Group Ride

Geri Mewitt competed in the Tour for All 2020 Virtual Stage 3 Group Ride. Mewitt competed in the 101 competitor B Class over a 34 km distance.

Mewitt finished 13th clocking a time of 49:46, with Klass Vanaudenaerde from Belgium clocking a winning Class time of 47:34, Cyril Tourmente from Holand was second in a time of 48:28 and Paul Hutchins from Australia finished third with a time of 48:30.
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
White Wins Midweek Criterium Virtual Race

Conor White rode to victory in the Midweek Criterium Virtual Race, a total of 103 cyclist from all around the world competed.

White was up against some tough professionals who are currently on professional teams in the 31 competitor A Class.

White was one of six riders to clock a time of 50:47, but he was declared the winner, four riders from Canada, Martin Rupes, Shawn Lister, A Varabel and Mike Little was finished with Whiteís time in that order, while Scott Fleming from the USA was the sixth rider with the time of 50:47.

Midweek Criterium Virtual Race A Division Results

50:47:00 Conor White - Hamilton United

50:47:00 Martin Rupes [XSU]
50:47:00 Shawn Litster - (USAC 235751)
50:47:00 A. Varabei - (Toronto Hustle)
50:47:00 Mike Little - ASCENT CYCLING
50:47:00 Scott Fleming - Team Type 1
50:48:00 Greg Capelle - Otterhaus
50:48:00 Jesse Compton
50:48:00 Luke Skywalker
50:48:00 Richard Bach - Balut Bombers
50:48:00 Paul Edelstein - 2404
50:48:00 Evan Blankenship - TURBO
50:49:00 Matthew Hynes
50:49:00 Derek Snider - CRIMPS
50:49:00 T Hrillhouse - Cycling THC
50:49:00 Nick Di Cristofaro - E3MOCRR
50:49:00 Brian Rach - (Project Echelon) PER
50:49:00 IsraŽl Mercier - PTz
50:49:00 Jayson Jacobs - [FAVE] 5379
50:49:00 J. Gracely
50:50:00 Mathieu Charest - [MGCC] MGCC
50:53:00 James Fedosov
50:54:00 Oaken Work
51:02:00 Jacob Jamnicky - CRIMPS
51:07:00 Brian Eberdt - MGCCMGCC
54:22:00 Tom Rodarie - RSG
54:25:00 Connor Gregory - [ASCENT] ASCENT CYCLING
54:52:00 Gregory Cuff - (NCCH/E3M) NCCH HAMILTON
55:39:00 Jasmin Duehring - [T20]
58:46:00 Fernando Sikora - (PCG)
Saturday, May 09, 2020
BBA DIRT Daturday Chase Race

Dirk Hasselkuss
The Bermuda Bicycle Association held a Zwift Virtual Race, the DIRT Daturday Chase Race.

Fifteen competitors in four different Divisions competed, the D Division riders would have no time added, the C Division riders had 5 minutes added, while the B Division riders had 8 minutes added and the A Division riders had 9 minutes added to their time.

Simon Hanrahan in the B Division had the fastest time of 44:53, but with a corrected time of 52:55 saw Hanrahan finish 6th, Liam Flannery in the A Division clocked the second fastest time of 44:44, the corrected time put Flannery in 10th with a time of 53:44.

Dirk Hasselkuss declared the winner competing in the D Division with a time of 51:52, another D Division rider Richard Bruton was second in 51:55 and Kris Hedges competing in the C Division was third overall in a time of 52:02.

DIRT Daturday Chase Race Corrected Time Results

51:52 Dirk Hasselkuss

51:55 Richard Bruton
52:02 Kris Hedges
52:40 Charles Swart
52:52 John Thompson
52:55 Simon Hanrahan
53:09 Dennis Fagundo
53:10 Mark Booth
53:29 Trevor Hedges
53:44 Liam Flannery
53:58 Charles Thresh
54:45 Zoey Roberts
54:47 Sarah Hicks
56:25 Peter Dunne
56:26 Terry Thomas
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