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Monday, June 18, 2018
Bermuda Hero’s Day 2018 Home Triathlon Round Up

The Bermuda Triathlon Association hosted their Annual Bermuda Hero’s Day Home Triathlon in the Harrington Sound.

Geoff Smith and Maddie Durkin were crowned the 2018 Male and Female Champions following and Approximate Sprint Distance 700m Swim, 18K Bike and 4.6K Run.

Smith clocked a time of 1:00.54, this after clocking 12.12 on the Swim, 28.54 on the Bike and 19.46 on the Run Course, Will Green was second in 1:07.26, while Teddy Shum was the third Male but 5th overall clocking 1:12.21.

Durkin was third overall she was clocked in 1:07.33, she would exit the water in a time of 11.58, she clocked 34.21 on the Bike and 19.48 on the Run, Laura Norman was the second female finisher and 4th overall clocking a time of 1:08.27 and the third Female was Caroline Wright who was 6th overall with a time of 1:14.02.

Approximate Sprint Distance 700m Swim - 18K Bike - 4.6K Run

1.00.54 Geoff Smith

1.07.26 Will Green
1.07.33 Maddie Durkin
1.08.37 Laura Norman
1.12.21 Teddy Shum
1.14.02 Caroline Wright
1.15.02 Christine Da Costa
1.15.09 Liz Stewart
1.16.45 Colm Homan
1.18.24 Charlie Duffy
1.19.17 Maria Duffy
1.19.22 Randy Smith
1.19.53 Liz Harris
1.19.57 Sharon Craig
1.20.19 Jenn Wilson
1.21.32 Bryce Williams
1.22.05 Seamus Durkin
1.25.08 Chris Jones

700m Swim - 18K Bike

45.43 Nick Pilgrim

47.06 Chris Eaton
52.41 Julia Hawley
54.27 Martin Bolton
1.06.42 Kirsty Jones
1.12.27 Judith Howe Tucker

Junior Distance 150m Swim - 10.8K Bike - 2K Run

34.18 Zoe Hasselkuss

35.42 Liana Madeiros
44.35 Tammy Ingham
44.01 Jasmin Hasselkuss
44.01 Ava Gabai-Maiato
51.16 Joanna Heaney
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