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Monday, June 18, 2018
Bermuda Hero’s Day 2018 Home Triathlon Round Up

The Bermuda Triathlon Association hosted their Annual Bermuda Hero’s Day Home Triathlon in the Harrington Sound.

Geoff Smith and Maddie Durkin were crowned the 2018 Male and Female Champions following and Approximate Sprint Distance 700m Swim, 18K Bike and 4.6K Run.

Smith clocked a time of 1:00.54, this after clocking 12.12 on the Swim, 28.54 on the Bike and 19.46 on the Run Course, Will Green was second in 1:07.26, while Teddy Shum was the third Male but 5th overall clocking 1:12.21.

Durkin was third overall she was clocked in 1:07.33, she would exit the water in a time of 11.58, she clocked 34.21 on the Bike and 19.48 on the Run, Laura Norman was the second female finisher and 4th overall clocking a time of 1:08.27 and the third Female was Caroline Wright who was 6th overall with a time of 1:14.02.

Approximate Sprint Distance 700m Swim - 18K Bike - 4.6K Run

1.00.54 Geoff Smith

1.07.26 Will Green
1.07.33 Maddie Durkin
1.08.37 Laura Norman
1.12.21 Teddy Shum
1.14.02 Caroline Wright
1.15.02 Christine Da Costa
1.15.09 Liz Stewart
1.16.45 Colm Homan
1.18.24 Charlie Duffy
1.19.17 Maria Duffy
1.19.22 Randy Smith
1.19.53 Liz Harris
1.19.57 Sharon Craig
1.20.19 Jenn Wilson
1.21.32 Bryce Williams
1.22.05 Seamus Durkin
1.25.08 Chris Jones

700m Swim - 18K Bike

45.43 Nick Pilgrim

47.06 Chris Eaton
52.41 Julia Hawley
54.27 Martin Bolton
1.06.42 Kirsty Jones
1.12.27 Judith Howe Tucker

Junior Distance 150m Swim - 10.8K Bike - 2K Run

34.18 Zoe Hasselkuss

35.42 Liana Madeiros
44.35 Tammy Ingham
44.01 Jasmin Hasselkuss
44.01 Ava Gabai-Maiato
51.16 Joanna Heaney
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Bermuda Triathlon Series Standings

Karen Smith Leads the Ladies
Following the first race of the Bermuda Triathlon Association 2018 Season www.islandstats.com can now bring you the current Series Standings.

Following their Olympic Distance wins Phillip Mace and Karen Smith are the Male and Female Leaders with 200 points each.

In the Men’s Division, Mace leads Sergey Ulnayenko by 20 points, with Geoff Smith in third place with 160 points, Alan Potts holds down the 4th place spot with 140 points and Alex Kronenberg is 5th with 130 points.

On the Ladies side, Smith leads Maddie Durkin who is in second with 180 points, Alison Petty is in third with 160 points, with Sharon Hammond 4th with 140 points and Viv Lochhead rounds out the top five with 130 points.
Monday, June 11, 2018
Hawley Comments Following Mexico World Cup

Yesterday on the same day of the Bermuda Triathlon Association’s Olympic Distance National Championships, albeit too late to be copied, www.islandstats.com reported Erica Hawley competed in Mexico.

Hawley raced in the World Cup in Huatulco, Mexico and finished 18th.

Today we bring you comments that Hawley, “This was a great result for me and I am really pleased with how the race went. I was racing as part of the International Triathlon Union Team Asics Development Program which provides racing opportunities at various world cups this year.”

Hawley continued, “This has been an amazing opportunity for me as I was travelling alone and without my coach and they provided me with endless support.”

“I came out of the water in 9th place just 10 seconds behind the first 8. Our “chase” pack quickly caught on to the leaders and we were a big pack of 20+ for the rest of the bike. I had a pretty decent run but did suffer on the 2nd lap of the run due to the heat,” continued Hawley.

Hawley concluded, “The course was quite tough with a small hill on the bike and the run and of course it was very hot in Mexico. This was a great start to the rest of my racing for the year and I am very happy with my progress from the last World Cup I did in March. This is only my second World Cup so I couldn't be happier with how the race went for me today. I gained ITU points and Olympic points which was the goals. Still lots to work on but progression being made.”
Sunday, June 10, 2018
Bermuda National Olympic Distance Championship

Karen Smith
The Bermuda XL Catlin Bermuda National Olympic Distance Championship took place at the Clearwater Beach.

Philip Mace and Karen Smith were crowned the Male and Female Individual Olympic Distance Champions, mace clocked a winning time of 2:07:41, visitor Sergey Ulyanenko was second in 2:12:46 and Geoff Smith finished third clocking 2:15:00.

Smith was 5th overall with a time of 2:21:34, Maddie Durkin was the second female finisher and 9th overall with a time of 2:31:19, the third female finisher Allison Petty was next across the line clocking 2:32:51.

XL Catlin Bermuda National Olympic Distance Championship

Junior 7 to 10

18:41 Harris Fleming

18:45 Jacob Wright
20:27 Jamie MacFarlane
20:29 Masaki Kitade
21:12 Ramsay Soutter
21:28 Gordon Smith
21:30 Sam Larrett
21:35 Marleigh Howes
22:55 Braxton Cooze
23:01 Jackson Langley
23:15 Ayshalay Simons
23:52 Benjamin Wells
24:09 Jessica Allitt
24:34 Michael Tadman
26:11 James Patterson
26:15 Kelise Wade
26:28 Grae Edness
26:39 Josiah Tannock
26:43 Lachlan Soutter
26:45 Grayson Tavares
26:54 Dylan Pickering
27:35 Makao Butterfield
27:44 Edward Tadman
28:15 Zaniyah Ray
28:37 Simon Thompson
28:44 Charlotte Heinrichs
28:58 Mathias Gerber
30:41 Rory Shepherd
30:41 Romari Ruddock
30:58 Jackson Alvera
31:18 Tyler Pickering
31:21 Daisy Langley
31:33 Brandon MacDougall
32:14 Evan Hayward
33:07 Logan Hayward
36:35 Luca Alvera

Junior 11-12

33:53 Harlan Watson-Brown

34:17 Rory Fleming
34:27 Callum MacFarlane
35:29 Jasmin Hasselkuss
37:04 Flynn Watson-Brown
37:16 Bella Howes
37:35 Adriana Argent
37:40 Jared Moore
37:49 Ethan Thompson
38:40 Daria Desmond
39:27 Oliver Cherry
40:28 Ava Gabai-Maiato
41:06 Jake Smith
41:48 Charlotte Millington
42:56 Anthony (aj) Harkness
49:57 Thomas Wells

Junior 13-15

32:36 Nicholas Pilgrim
33:05 Caleb Ingham
35:44 Tommy Marshall
39:49 Zoe Hasselkuss
40:10 Liana Medeiros
41:51 Enshe-Nico Davis
42:39 Megan Hands
44:19 Manning Smith
44:47 Amber Simons
47:22 Ashley Moore
48:40 Myeisha Sharrieff
1:00:19 Nicholas Hands

Individual Olympic Distance

2:07:41 Philip Mace

2:12:46 Sergey Ulyanenko
2:15:00 Geoff Smith
2:16:33 Alan Potts
2:21:34 Karen Smith
2:21:42 Alex Kronenberg
2:28:58 Sam Boaden
2:30:48 Christopher Eaton
2:31:19 Maddie Durkin
2:32:51 Allison Petty
2:40:13 Sharon Hammond
2:40:25 Sergio Edness
2:41:34 Vivienne Lochhead
2:47:50 Christine Soutter
2:48:51 Zoey Roberts
2:53:54 Colm Homan
2:56:18 Caroline Wright
3:06:16 Sharon Craig

Individual Sprint Distance

1:10:53 Timothy Patterson

1:10:54 Kent Richardson
1:13:12 Christopher Hands
1:14:39 Cora Lee Starzomski
1:14:42 Will Green
1:14:46 Laura Norman
1:15:20 Kristen Palmer
1:17:10 Chris Harkness
1:17:33 Michael Toyer
1:18:36 Otis Ingham
1:20:10 Gerhard Boonstra
1:20:16 Martin Shipp
1:20:50 Elizabeth Stewart
1:21:33 Dirk Hasselkuss
1:21:43 Meghan Diel
1:22:02 Christine Da Costa
1:22:21 Ian Henderson
1:22:51 JP Skinner
1:24:22 Steven Wells
1:24:52 Steven Petty
1:25:03 Jennifer Lightbourne
1:26:07 Randolph Smith
1:26:14 Elizabeth Harris
1:27:17 Gareth Tavares
1:27:40 Charles Duffy
1:27:46 Erica McArthur
1:28:00 Thomas Hands
1:29:18 Nicola Davis
1:31:25 Lara Rogers
1:32:06 Christopher Jones
1:32:16 Matthew Viney
1:32:24 Danielle Morin
1:34:52 Nancy Stevens
1:37:08 Brent Simmons
1:37:13 Marie Taylor
1:38:19 Carolyn Conway
1:38:48 Handsome Williams
1:49:10 Kirstie Jones
1:51:18 Mel Sousa
1:54:10 Don Geer

Thursday, June 07, 2018
Bermuda Age Group New Points Series 2018

With the XL Catlin Bermuda National Olympic Distance Championship event taking place this weekend Sunday June 10th, the Bermuda Triathlon Association (BTA) is excited to announce that the Bermuda races this year are to be made into a race series, WTS-style.

The series will be made up of the XL Catlin event, as well as the Tokio, Aon, Bank of Bermuda and Home Event races to find the overall Bermuda Triathlon Series Champion.

The aim is for this to become a prestigious award to encourage participation and excellence over the whole season, and accordingly there will be some great prizes on offer for the Series winners, to be awarded at the end-of-season dinner.

Prizes will be awarded to the overall winner in the Men’s and Women’s categories, together with winners in each of the usual age groups. As in the individual races, those winning overall prizes will not be eligible also to win their age groups.

How will the points system work? Points will be given to the top 30 individual finishers in each race. Points will also be awarded for the Age Group categories to the top 10 individuals finishing in each Age Group.

Points will also be awarded for those racing in the Home Events, so there is ample opportunity to pick up points!

The Age Group category is separate from the Overall category. Home Event points count towards the Overall category only.
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