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Sunday, April 23, 2017
Bermuda Runners London Marathon Round Up

Eleven Runners from Bermuda took part in the London Marathon.

Of the group Tracey Sutherland was the first to cross the line finishing 7,067th clocking a time of 3:34:15, Colm Homan, finished 8,968th with a time of 3:43:33, finishing 8,987th was Mark Harris with a time of 3:43:38.

Laura Keyes finished 13,539th after crossing the line in a time of 4:00:34, Johann Hunter clocked a time of 4:21:46 finishing 18,461st, while Andrew McComb finished 18,853rd with a time of 4:23:16.

Dawnella Mason crossed the line 19,397th after recording a time of 4:25:25, while Alison Green finished 21,589th clocking a time of 4:34:01, Terri Durrant clocked a time of 4:37:05 finishing 22,364th.

Vanessa Conway clocked a time of 4:46:59 on her way to finishing 24,848th and Dirk Hasselkuss finished 25,110th clocking a time of 4:48:01.
Sunday, April 23, 2017
RMS 20K & 10K Road Race

Tim Price
Tim Price and Karen Smith are the 2017 RMS 20K Male and Female Road Race Champions, while Christopher Harris and Martina Olcheski-Bell are the 2017 RMS10K male and Female Road Race Champions.

Price clocked a time of 1:19:16, with Dennis Mbelenzi second clocking 1:27:33 and Allan Fox rounded out the top three finishers clocking 1:28:05.

Smith finished 7th overall with a time of 1:32:33, Sharlene Sousa was the second female finisher at the distance and 11th overall clocking 1:38:07 and one spot back was Andrea Luber who clocked 1:38:33.

RMS 20K Road Race Results

1:19:16 Tim Price

1:27:33 Dennis Mbelenzi
1:28:05 Allan Fox
1:28:54 Jon Smith
1:30:17 Ricky Sousa
1:31:51 Price Smith
1:32:33 Karen Smith
1:35:24 Peter Tobin
1:36:40 Scott Neil
1:37:57 Steven Smith
1:38:07 Sharlene Sousa
1:38:33 Andrea Luber
1:38:41 Thomas Hands
1:38:50 Giles Spurling
1:38:56 Jeff Bennett
1:39:28 Joel Matthews
1:40:33 Anthony Prentice
1:41:32 Anna Laura Hocking
1:42:56 Keith Marshall
1:43:45 Helen Draper
1:44:02 Shawn Simons
1:44:44 Trent Daniels
1:45:03 David Soutter
1:45:19 Shawn Connell-clarkson
1:46:01 Yuko Ebata
1:47:05 Jerome Wellman
1:47:50 Zoey Roberts
1:48:42 Cary Butterfield
1:48:46 Shannon Kelly
1:49:17 Sarah Thompson
1:50:50 Kate Tomkins
1:51:23 Teru Shimbara
1:53:02 Calvin Steede
1:54:04 Ian Davies
1:54:59 Milan Oleksak
1:55:07 Christopher Taylor
1:56:34 Elizabeth Harris
1:57:41 Robin Holder
1:57:44 Sophie Miller
1:57:52 Rachel Ahereza
1:57:52 Yvette Djani
1:58:52 Zelipha Gitari
1:59:16 Jose Andrade
1:59:21 Joseph Kwun Wa Lam
2:00:16 Fabio Oliveira
2:00:40 Nicole Rozon
2:03:29 Florin Radu
2:03:32 Bryony Leach
2:05:28 Andre Rochester
2:10:05 Myrian Balitian-Dill
2:10:30 Feven Binega-Northcott
2:10:32 Malcolm Clarke
2:10:34 Mark Danforth
2:10:34 Emily Woodcock
2:11:19 Natalie Dyrli
2:12:34 Stephanie Roos
2:12:35 Elanor Daniel
2:13:19 Kelly Lott
2:14:49 Dana George
2:16:04 Steven Barber
2:16:33 Zina Jones
2:17:43 Carol Griffith
2:18:14 Edwina Arorash
2:31:29 Lisa Murray
2:31:47 Florence Sharpe

RMS 10K Road Race Results

36:52 Christopher Harris

40:02 Glen Wilks
40:38 Ariell Evans
43:32 Warren Miller
44:18 Martina Olcheski-Bell
44:59 Matthew Viney
45:16 Melissa Logie
45:27 Derek Thomas
45:49 Jonathan Reiss
47:52 Lucy Ching
48:26 Christopher Jones
48:28 Tom Meyer
48:38 Anthony Fellowes
49:23 Sheikia Ming
49:29 Gerhard Boonstra
49:36 Sharon Craig
50:22 Ian Henderson
50:24 Durnferd Davis
50:31 Stephanie Bushby
50:56 Richard Exon
51:06 Keith Robinson
52:26 Dean MacMillan
53:09 Lara Rogers
53:26 Handsome Williams
53:51 Steven McGuinness
54:26 Michael Lindsay-Bayley
54:29 Darryl-Craig van Heerden
55:19 Anonymous Participant
55:23 Sarah Hurson
55:31 Carmen D'Urzo
55:42 Nicole Palle
55:51 Manami Harigai
55:58 Mandy Furstenberg
56:48 Mitchell Barker
57:04 Kirsty Willemse
57:05 Michelle Berkeley
57:18 Janie-Elizabeth Nel
57:37 Emma King
57:45 Darnell Wynn
58:23 Denise Carey
58:46 Hayley Evans
59:33 Sam Smith
59:34 Christina Sgobba
1:00:26 Leana Coetsee
1:00:27 Gerhard Coetsee
1:01:37 Glennis Butterfield
1:02:39 Nicola Hallett
1:02:54 Deborah Williams
1:02:57 Terrence tez Taylor
1:03:16 Nicole Arorash
1:03:18 Tommy Brown
1:03:34 Mike Whalley
1:04:11 Alshia Lugo
1:04:34 David Carrick
1:04:34 Nancy Carrick
1:05:27 D Barbara J Smith
1:06:19 Sonia Rymon-Lipinski
1:09:34 Chantelle Johnson
1:19:28 Melissa Needham
1:35:04 Donna Mae Arorash
Saturday, April 22, 2017
Smith-King Leaves Tufts after 35 Years

Branwen Smith-King, Track Coach and Assistant Director of Tufts Athletics, leaves the University after 35 years.

Writes TuftsNow Sports Information Director Paul Sweeney.

Some of her former student-athletes gathered to honor their coach and mentor.

They shared stories about why Bran, as she is affectionately known, was so important in their lives. One related how Bran’s positive encouragement had stayed with her and helped her fight cancer later in life. Another spoke of how Bran had privately guided her through college while her family was falling apart due to an abusive situation at home.

“Branwen was able to be that support system for all of her student-athletes,” said Jan Brown, J85, G89, a member of Smith-King’s first women’s track and field team who arranged the get-together. “Besides her commitment to making sure we succeeded athletically, it was her personal relationships with us that mattered most. At times it didn’t even matter if you stepped on the field or ran a race. She just wanted to make sure that the person was OK.”

Smith-King found her calling at Tufts. Hired in 1982, she became one of the most influential women in the history of Tufts Athletics, mentoring hundreds of student-athletes as the head coach of women’s cross-country and track and field teams for 18 years and as assistant director of Tufts Athletics since 2000.

Born and raised in Bermuda, Smith-King decided to return home this spring, accepting a position as executive director of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, which provides an alternative learning experience for young Bermudians on board the floating classroom Spirit of Bermuda.

“Bran is a warm and caring human being who is a valued and respected colleague and a good friend to so many of us at Tufts,” said Bill Gehling, A74, G79, A05P, director of athletics emeritus who worked with Smith-King for more than 30 years. “She brought compassion, integrity, toughness and thoughtfulness to everything she did.”

By the time she arrived at Tufts at age 26, Smith-King already had extraordinary experiences to draw upon as a coach. She had been a member of the Bermuda National Track and Field Team and was the first in her country to win a gold medal at an international competition—in the long jump at the CARIFTA Games in Barbados in 1973. She held Bermuda records in the shot put, pentathlon discus, long jump and 100 meters. (Her daughter, Arantxa, who competed for Stanford, eclipsed her mother’s long-jump record.)

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Butterfield Competes in Mt. SAC Relays

Taahira Butterfield and her University at Albany Track & Field teammates returned to action following the Pepsi Florida Relays. The team broke up into three contingents, two groups visited California for the Mt. SAC Relays and the rest of the team stayed on the East coast, and competed at Connecticut’s Northeast Challenge.

Butterfield competed at the Mt. SAC Relays where she finished 34th in the Women’s 100m dash clocking a time of 12.02.
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Tyler Smith Will Not Compete in Half Marathon Derby

As we continue the countdown to the Bermuda day Half Marathon Derby, we caught up with the up and coming Triathlete Tyler Smith who had a dominating performance in 2015 coming out of the East End.

Smith, who has been of late training for a spot in the Triathlon World Championships, has decided to skip the race not just because he has focused on the track, but a school exam.

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