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Friday, December 13, 2019
Bermuda's Cricket Challenge League B Numbers
With the conclusion of the Cricket Challenge League B in Oman, www.islandstats.com takes a look at the numbers the Bermuda players had during the tournament.

Kamau Leverock was the leading run scorer with 205 total runs, Tre Manders was second with 196 total runs and Delray Rawlins scored 152 total runs. The total runs also include the runs scored in the match that was rained out.


205 (122) Kamau Leverock

196 (296) Tre Manders
152 (154) Delray Rawlins
..93 (130) Onias Bascome
..63 (126) Sinclair Smith
..55 (75) Justin Pitcher
..45 (68) Dion Stovell
..34 (42) Derrick Brangman
..23 (79) Terryn Fray
..13 (40) Deunte Darrell
..13 (29) Zeko Burgess
..12 (35) Okera Bascome
..07 (20) Kyle Hodsoll
..02 (11) Pierre Smith


13.-0-73-4 Zeko Burgess

22.1-1-112-4 Justin Pitcher
23.-2-121-3 Kyle Hodsoll
23.-0-137-3 Onias Bascome
23.-0-108-2 Delray Rawlins
6.3-0-38-1 Derrick Brangman
16.-0-113-1 Kamau Leverock
2.0-0-21-0 Deunte Darrell
12.2-0-65-0 Dion Stovell


6 Sinclair Smith

2 Delray Rawlins
2 Okera Bascome
1 Tre Manders
Thursday, December 12, 2019
Umpires Withdraw Service for Non Payment
www.islandstats.com can reveal that the Bermuda Cricket Umpires Association (BCUA) have decided to withdraw their services for the upcoming 2020 season due to the failure of being paid for 2019 services.

A spokesperson for the BCUA states, “This this message serves to put you on notice that the BCUA has been treated with scan respect in terms of having worked religiously all summer in support of local cricket now to have payment for those services deliberately witheld. I can let you know now in advance of the 2020 season that no member of the BCUA will be setting foot on any cricket ground unless they are paid at the agreed rate on or before 16th December 2019. This state of affairs is disrespectful and disingenuous and is unbecoming of a professional association with responsibility for all cricket in Bermuda.”

When contacted by www.islandstats.com, Calvin Blankendal the Executive Director of the Bermuda Cricket Board said, “At the Semi AGM the 2019 umpire fees were introduced by the BCUA. At that meeting, there was no resolution by the membership at large to accept the new fees. The matters has not yet been resolved and will be readdressed again tonight with the full membership. The member clubs pay the board who then transfers the fees onto the BCUA. The BCB does not pay the BCUA out of its finances but acts as intermediary.”
Thursday, December 12, 2019
Bermuda - Italy Round Up
Bermuda Go Down by 5 Wickets

Bermuda 180 Italy 185/5

Bermuda in their final game of the CWC Challenge League Group B in Oman saw them go down by 5 wickets to Italy.

Bermuda batted first and scored 180 all out, Kamau Leverock was the top scorer with 40 off 15 deliveries, he hit 9 fours, Derrick Brangman added 25, while Tre Manders scored 23 and stand-in captain Delray Rawlins added 22. Madupa Fernando was the pick of the Italy bowlers with figures of 10-2-21-3.

In reply Italy scored 185/5, Gian Meade was their top scorer with 49, while Zeko Burgess was the pick of the Bermuda bowlers with figures of 5-0-29-3.

Bermuda’s Inning

..40 (15) Kamau Leverock b Luis di Giglio
..00 (03) Okera Bascome b Gareth Berg
..23 (40) Tre Manders c & b Madupa Fernando
..22 (20) Delray Rawlins c Michael Ross b Nikolai Smith
..07 (22) Dion Stovell c Manpreet Singh b Rakibul Hasan
..05 (20) Onias Bascome LBW Madupa Fernando
..07 (51) Sinclair Smith c Gian Meade b Gareth Berg
..25 (28) Derrick Brangman c & b Madupa Fernando
..07 (12) Justin Pitcher b Gian Meade
..13 (17) Zeko Burgess Not Out

..07 (16) Kyle Hodsoll LBW Gian Meade
..24 Extras (1b-2lb-1nb-20w)
180 Total All Out after 40.3 overs

Fall of wickets: 1-46 (Leverock), 2-46 (Okera Bascome), 3-84 (Rawlins), 4-107 (Manders), 5-107 (Stovell), 6-115 (Onias Bascome), 7-149 (Brangman), 8-149 (Smith), 9-166 (Pitcher), 10-180 (Hodsoll)

Italy Bowlers

4.0-0-50-1 Luis di Gigilo
10.-2-44-2 Gareth Berg
3.0-0-11-1 Nikolai Smith
2.0-0-11-0 Jaspreet Singh
10.-2-21-3 Madupa Fernando
8.0-3-18-1 Rakibul Hasan
1.0-0-12-0 Michael Ross
2.3-0-10-2 Gian Meade

Italy Inning

..18 (23) Nikolai Smith c Sinclair Smith b Justin Pitcher
..42 (50) Joy Perera LBW Delray Rawlins
..49 (63) Gian Meade c Tre Manders b Zeko Burgess
..30 (30) Gareth Berg c Sinclair Smith b Zeko Burgess
..00 (01) Michael Ross c Delray Rawlins b Zeko Burgess
..22 (21) Rakibul Hasan Not Out
..04 (04) Nicholas Maiolo Not Out
..16 Extras (5lb-11w)
185 total for 5 Wickets after 32 overs

Fall of wickets: 1-56 (Smith), 2-73 (Perera), 3-131 (Berg), 4-131 (Ross), 5-173 (Meade)

Bermuda Bowlers

4.0-1-25-0 Kyle Hodsoll
7.0-0-27-0 Dion Stovell
3.0-0-17-1 Justin Pitcher
5.0-0-29-3 Zeko Burgess
6.0-0-27-1 Delray Rawlins
3.0-0-17-0 Derrick Brangman
2.0-0-10-0 Kamau Leverock
2.0-0-24-0 Onias Bascome
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Bermuda - Jersey Round Up

Bermuda Go Down by 6 Wickets

Bermuda 110 Jersey 113/4

Game Four for Bermuda in the CWC Challenge League Group B in Oman saw Bermuda battle against Jersey.

After winning the toss and electing to bat, Bermuda were bowled all out for 110 in 23 overs, only two batsmen reached double figures as Delray Rawlins scored 31 off 27 deliveries hitting 1 four and 2 sixes, while Kamau Leverock added 22 from 10, with 4 fours and 1 six. Unfortunately Tre Manders’ half century per game run came to an end when he went without scoring. Elliott Miles was the pick of the Jersey bowlers with figures of 5-1-8-4.

In reply Jersey scored 113/4 after 19.3 overs, Jake Dunford was the top scorer with 35, three Bermuda bowlers claimed a wicket each, with Derrick Brangman was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 3.3-0-21-1.

Bermuda’s Inning

..22 (10) Kamau Leverock c Jake Dunford b Julius Sumerauer
..06 (14) Terryn Fray c Ben Stevens b Daniel Birrell
..00 (05) Tre Manders b Daniel Birrell
..31 (27) Delray Rawlins LBW Elliott Miles
..05 (22) Onias Bascome c Dominic Blampied b Julius Sumerauer
..07 (12) Sinclair Smith c Ben Stevens b Daniel Birrell
..02 (11) Pierre Smith LBW Daniel Birrell
..04 (17) Justin Pitcher c Dominic Blampied b Elliott Miles
..09 (14) Derrick Brangman Not Out

..00 (03) Zeko Burgess b Elliott Miles
..00 (03) Kyle Hodsoll LBW Elliott Miles
..24 Extras (7lb-17w)
110 Total All Out after 23 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-23 (Leverock), 2-28 (Manders), 3-34 (Fray), 4-76 (Bascome), 5-89 (Rawlins), 6-91 (Sinclair Smith), 7-94 (Pierre Smith), 8-102 (Pitcher), 9-110 (Burgess), 10-110 (Hodsoll)

Jersey Bowlers

1.0-0-14-0 Harrison Carlyon
7.0-0-48-2 Julius Sumerauer
7.0-1-20-4 Daniel Birrell
3.0-0-13-0 Charles Perchard
5.0-1-08-4 Elliott Miles

Jersey Inning

..35 (50) Jake Dunford LBW Onias Bascome
..04 (07) Nick Greenwood b Kyle Hodsoll
..28 (25) Ben Stevens Run Out
..14 (21) Harrison Carlyon Not Out

..12 (06) Jonty Jenner c Okera Bascome b Derrick Brangman
..06 (08) Dominic Blampied Not Out
..14 Extras (1lb-13w)
113 Total for 4 Wickets after 19.3 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-15 (Greenwood), 2-75 (Stevens), 3-81 (Dunford), 4-98 (Jenner)

Bermuda Bowlers

5.0-0-29-1 Kyle Hodsoll
2.0-0-16-0 Zeko Burgess
2.0-0-09-0 Justin Pitcher
2.0-0-11-0 Delray Rawlins
5.0-0-26-1 Onias Bascome
3.3-0-21-1 Derrick Brangman

Monday, December 09, 2019
Darrell Suspended for Next Two Bermuda Matches

www.islandstats.com can confirm that Deunte Darrell has been suspended for the next two Bermuda matches of the Men’s World Cup Challenge League B Series against Jersey and Italy in the United Arab Emirates.

During Bermuda’s match against Kenya on Sunday Darrell was found to have “used an audible obscenity” following his dismissal.

Darrell admitted the offence and accepted the sanction of the warning and one demerit point proposed by match referee Manu Nayar, the point took his record to four points.

Darrell already had three demerit points against his name for an incident in the Men’s Twenty20 World Cup Qualifiers two months ago.

Under International Cricket Council regulations a player receives four or more Demerit Points, they are converted into suspension points for sanctioning purposes.

During the Twenty20 Tournament, Darrell was reported by on-field umpires Vinod Badu and Tabarak Dar and Anatha Rajamani the third umpire.
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