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Thursday, February 02, 2023
Countdown to ICC Americas Regional Qualifiers

As the sun sets on a thrilling first edition of the ICC U19 Womenís T20 World Cup, cricket fans craving a glimpse at the next generation of superstars can look forward to a busy pathway event schedule as attention now turns towards the next Under 19 event, the ICC Menís Cricket World Cup 2024, in Sri Lanka.

The begins in Toronto, Canada, where the hosts will compete alongside Argentina, Bermuda, Suriname, and the USA from August 11th to 17th.

16 teams will be competing at the ICC U19 Menís Cricket World Cup Sri Lanka 2024 over 41 matches. 11 teams have automatically qualified for the event as the best-placed Full Member nations from the previous event in 2022. These are Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe.

The remaining five spots will be determined through regional qualification pathways, with one team from each region securing a place at the event.

Americas and EAP each host one qualifying event in 2023, with the winner of each event sealing a spot at the U19 Menís Cricket World Cup Sri Lanka 2024.
Monday, January 30, 2023
Bermuda to Play President Cup T20 Tournament in USA

Bermudaís Menís National Cricket team will play in a T20 Tournament February 17th Ė 19th at the Wesley Chapel District Park Ground in the President Cup MCL T20 event in Tampa.

Bermuda according to the press conference held on Friday, January 13th was due to play the United States Menís National team in three warm-up matches in preparation for the Americas Sub-Regional Qualifier in Argentina.

However today we have news that Bermuda will play a tournament being organized by Cricket Council USA which also organizes the ICC-approved US Open T20 Tournament on an annual basis.

Captain Delray Rawlins, and former captain Kamau Leverock have both played for teams in the tournament.

Eight teams will be competing in the President Cup MCL T20 tournament, namely the Tampa Scorpions, Florida panthers, Rebels Cricket Club, Gladiators Cricket Club, Tigers Cricket Club, the Triads Dragons, Titans Cricket Club-Florida Scorpions combined, and the Bermuda team.
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Smith Helps Kyabram Fire Brigade CC Win

Chare Smith helped lead Kyabram Fire Brigade to a first Inning victory over Cooma Cricket Club in their Shield A Grade 2-day match.

Resuming on Day Two, Kyabram Fire Brigade declared their inning at 210/6, they led by 76 runs. Cooma would bat for a second time and score 225/8, with both openers having to retire injured, Cooper Fawcett was the top scorer with 52, while Jackson Barnett was the pick of the Kyabram Fire Brigade bowlers with figures of 13-5-45-4, Smith returned figures of 22-5-70-3.

In the allotted 8 overs to end the day Kyabram Fire Brigade scored 59/2, and Cohan Hooper scored 24 not out.

Cooma Cricket Club 2nd Inning

..33 (58) M Scopelliti Retired
..10 (16) L Scopelliti Retired
..08 (16) JS Kelly c J Gascoyne b Chare Smith
..01 (05) RJ Trewin LBW Chare Smith
..28 (96) E Palma-Ludeman c J Gascoyne b J Barnett
..00 (01) T Guerra LBW J Barnett
..22 (29) H Murdoch c CB Hooper b Chare Smith
..15 (24) J Norris c J Gascoyne b BR Campbell
..52 (40) CJ Fawcett c R Salter b J Barnett
..25 (52) X Fawcett Not Out

..22 (32) T Werner c PA Newman b CB Hooper
..11 Extras (2nb-1w-8lb)
225 Total for 8 wickets after 74 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-42 (Kelly), 2-49 (Trewin), 3-82 (Guerra), 4-114 (Murdoch), 5-132 (Norris), 6-152 (Palma-Ludeman), 7-185 (Werner), 8-225 (Fawcett)

Bellbridge Bowlers

22.-5-70-3 Chare Smith
15.-5-34-1 R Salter
9.0-2-12-0 J Donnell
13.-5-45-4 J Barnett
6.0-0-27-0 B Sheppard
6.0-2-08-1 BR Campbell
3.0-0-21-1 CB Hooper

Kyabram Fire Brigade 2nd Inning

..00 (04) M Griffiths c H Murdoch b J Norris
..24 (18) CB Hooper Not Out

..13 (09) J Donnell b X Fawcett
..20 (17) J Barnett Not Out
..02 Extras (1b-1lb)
59 Total for 2 wickets after 8 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-0 (Griffiths), 2-23 (Donnell)

Cooma Cricket Club Bowlers

4.0-0-29-1 J Norris
3.0-0-21-1 X Fawcett
1.0-0-07-0 E Palma-Ludeman
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Ebbin & Bellbridge CC Take On Moonee Ponds

Amari Ebbin and his Bellbridge Cricket Club teammates began their Clark Shield 2-Day match against Moonee Ponds at Aberfeldie Park.

Moonee Ponds won the toss and elected to bat, they were bowled out for 192 after 70.5 overs leaving 10 overs on the day still to be bowled. Opener Patrick Didham was their top scorer with 83 not out, while Arun Joiya was the pick of the Bellbridge bowlers with figures of 10-3-28-4. Ebbin was able to hold onto a catch behind the stumps.

At the close of play, Bellbridge reached 17/1 after 6 overs.

Moonee Ponds 1st Inning

..83 (221) P Didham Not Out

..00 (04) L Cullia c D Henderson b A Wilks
..06 (28) JR Hinton b B Moffatt
..12 (22) Z Bateman c Amari Ebbin b C Le Noury
..00 (02) S Brincat LBW C Le Noury
..10 (21) D Lewis c D Hinge b A Wilks
..51 (84) B Turnbull LBW A Joiya
..00 (02) J Norsetter c D Henderson b A Joiya
..06 (16) C Albers c D Spencer b A Joiya
.04 (08) I Sammut c A Millichip b A Joiya
..00 (21) B Mack Run Out
..20 Extras (4nb-3w-2b-11lb)
192 Total All Out after 70.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-5 (Cullia), 2-39 (Hinton), 3-56 (Bateman), 4-56 (Brincat), 5-68 (Lewis), 6-158 (Turnbull), 7-158 (Norsetter), 8-167 (Albers), 9-177 (Sammut), 10-192 (Mack)

Bellbridge Bowlers

17.-2-33-2 A Wilks
12.-4-34-0 A Millichip
9.0-1-30-1 B Moffatt
14.-7-19-0 D Spencer
8.5-0-35-2 C Le Noury
10.-3-28-4 A Joiya

Bellbridge Cricket Club 1st Inning

..10 (08) D Henderson c JR Hinton b P Didham
..05 (27) S Kelaart Not Out
..00 (01) A Joiya Not Out
..02 Extras (1w-1b)
..17 Total for 1 wicket after 6 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-17 (Henderson)

Moonee Ponds Bowlers

3.0-0-06-0 J Norsetter
2.0-0-02-0 S Brincat
1.0-0-08-1 P Didham
Sunday, January 22, 2023
Smith Helps Lead Kyabram Fire Brigade to Victory

Chare Smith helped lead Kyabram Fire Brigade to a first Inning victory over Cooma cricket Club in their Shield A Grade 2-day match.

Cooma won the toss and elected to bat, they were bowled out for 134, Mason Scopelliti was the top scorer with 40, Smith was the pick of the Kyabram Fire Brigade bowlers returning figures of 13-3-56-4.

In reply, Paul Newman scored 95 to lead Kyabram Fire Brigade to a total of 210/6 declared, Smith batted as they went looking for quick runs, but he was out first ball. Tom Werner was the pick of the Cooma bowlers with figures of 5.1-0-32-3.

Cooma Inning

..00 (04) L Scopelliti c J Donnell b Chare Smith
..40 (46) M Scopelliti c J Donnell b R Salter
..05 (14) JS Kelly c J Gascoyne b Chare Smith
..00 (04) RJ Trewin b J Barnett
..09 (11) CJ Fawcett c J Donnell b Chare Smith
..13 (41) E Palma-Ludeman LBW R Salter
..01 (03) S McAllister c J Gascoyne b Chare Smith
..37 (68) H Murdoch c M Griffiths b BR Campbell
..05 (16) J Norris b B Sheppard
..19 (29) X Fawcett Not Out

..00 (05) T Werner LBW J Donnell
..07 Extras (2nb-1w-4lb)
134 Total All Out after 40 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-0 (Scopelliti), 2-21 (Kelly), 3-26 (Trewin), 4-48 (Fawcett), 5-58 (Scopelliti), 6-64 (McAllister), 7-84 (Palma-Ludeman), 8-94 (Norris), 9-132 (Murdoch), 10-133 (Werner)

Kyabram Fire Brigade Bowlers

13.-3-56-4 Chare Smith
5.0-1-28-1 J Barnett
10.-4-15-2 R Salter
5.0-0-15-1 B Sheppard
5.0-1-13-1 J Donnell
2.0-1-02-1 BR Campbell

Kyabram Fire Brigade Inning

..95 (73) PA Newman c L Scopelliti b T Werner
..28 (53) M Griffiths b S McAllister
..41 (40) BR Campbell c L Scopelliti b E Palma-Ludeman
..14 (13) R Salter c & b T Werner
..04 (01) J Gascoyne Not Out

..00 (01) Chare Smith c H Murdoch b T Werner
..07 (05) J Donnell c CJ Fawcett b E Palma-Ludeman
..12 (04) B Sheppard Not Out
..07 Extras (4b-3lb)
210 Total for 6 Declared after 31 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1- 93 (Griffiths), 2-144 (Newman), 3-183 (Campbell), 4-191 (Salter), 5-191 (Smith), 6-198 (Donnell)

Cooma Bowlers

7.0-2-34-0 X Fawcett
6.0-1-35-0 J Norris
5.0-0-34-1 S McAllister
8.0-1-68-2 E Palma-Ludeman
5.1-0-32-3 T Werner
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