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Tuesday, September 01, 2015
ICC Hold Meeting with Suspended USA

ICC Head of Global Development Tim Anderson
The International Cricket Council (ICC) conducted a Town Hall meeting in Chicago with stakeholders from the USA Cricket Community.

The meeting was attended by 85 people, with most representing many of the approximately 100 Cricket Leagues across the country.

The day was hosted by ICC Chief Executive David Richardson and ICC Head of Global Development Tim Anderson, with members of the ICC’s USA Local Advisory Group also in attendance.

The current status of cricket in the USA – including the ICC Board’s recent suspension of the USA Cricket Association (USACA) – was discussed during the meeting, however, most time was spent considering the future strategic priorities for the game in the USA. The development of a meaningful strategy aimed at assisting the future promotion and development of cricket in the country will now continue over the coming months.

“We came to learn earlier this year that although lots of cricket was being played in the USA, and lots of passionate people were supporting the game, these efforts were largely disconnected,” said ICC Chief Executive David Richardson.

“A focus on bringing people together to share information, discuss common issues and, importantly, start talking about how exciting the future of cricket in the USA could be was therefore needed, and that’s what was achieved during this meeting.

“There remains much work to do, however, judging by the attitude of those in attendance who are keen for cricket in the USA to move forward with greater purpose, this has certainly been a very positive step in the right direction.”

Over the coming months the USA Local Advisory Group will continue to engage with the community as part of the strategy development process.
Monday, August 31, 2015
Weekend Top Performers & Some History

After a weekend of Cricket Drama, that saw Cleveland County do something they have not done for generations and that is to be the Eastern County Cup Cup Holders on six consecutive occasions, while sad side three matches for different reasons were either abandoned, canceled or not played.

Dion Stovell continued a trend that has seen guest players lead their team in the Eastern County Cup competition, names such as Clarence Parfitt and Barry DeCouto, helping Flatt’s Victoria win the Cup, Winston Coe Trott helping Bailey’s Bay win the Cup and the likes of Wendell Smith, Clay Smith and Albert Steede assist St. David’s Cricket Club to win the Cup all come to mind.

We now take a look at the top performers for the weekend and also report that the

Eastern County Cup Series will see Cup Holders Cleveland County take on Flatt’s Victoria in the first round, the winners will meet St. David’s Cricket Club and the winners of that match will take on Bailey’s Bay.

In the batting department Treadwell Gibbons from Cleveland County was the top scorer for the weekend with a knock of 100 not out, in his teams Premier Division win over the Southampton Rangers, while OJ Pitcher from St. David’s Cricket Club had second best knock scoring 93 against Cleveland County and Allan Douglas Jr. scored 66 for Cleveland County against the Southampton Rangers.

With figures of 9.3-0-33-6 saw Jamie Smith from the Devonshire Recreation Club returned the best figures of week in his teams First Division win over Bermuda Under 18 Squad, Detroy Smith from Cleveland County was the weeks second top bowler returning figures of 10-1-52-4 in their match against Southampton Rangers. With figures of 10-3-16-3 saw Janeiro Tucker from Southampton Rangers have the third best figures of the week.


100* Treadwell Gibbons – Cleveland County

..93 OJ Pitcher – St. David’s Cricket Club
..66 Alan Douglas Jr. – Cleveland County
..50 Shea Pitcher – St. David’s Cricket Club
..50 Derrick Brangman – Southampton Rangers
*Denotes Not Out


9.3-0-33-6 Jamie Smith – Devonshire Recreation Club
10.-1-52-4 Detroy Smith – Cleveland County
10.-3-16-3 Janeiro Tucker – Southampton Rangers
9.4-1-31-3 Dennis Musson Jr. – Cleveland County
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Rawlins' London & East Region Win

The Super 4s competition for the country’s most promising Under-17s in Loughborough continued with Delray Rawlins representing London and East.

Somerset’s George Bartlett continued his excellent tournament with 103 in a South West total of 297 for seven, only for London and East to snatch a two-wicket win with three balls to spare to secure third place in the rankings.

Jonty Jenner, a Sussex wicketkeeper who has made six T20 appearances for Jersey, played the match-winning innings of 66 from 48 balls with four fours and four sixes, supported by 59 from Feroze Khushi, a member of the Graham Gooch Essex Cricket Academy.
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Premier & First Division Round Up

Treadwell Gibbons in action at Wellington Oval

Cleveland County Win by 10 Runs

Cleveland County 240/8 Southampton Rangers 230

At the Wellington Oval a total of 470 runs was scored, with Premier Division Leaders Southampton Rangers going down for the first time in the League this Season.

Batting first the Eastern County Cup Champions Cleveland County scored 240/8 in their allotted 50 overs, Treadwell Gibbons was the top scorer with 100 not out, while Allan Douglas Jr. added 66, Janeiro Tucker was the pick of the Southampton Rangers bowlers with figures of 10-3-16-3, while Hasan Durham bowled 10-2-39-2.

In reply Southampton Rangers were bowled out for 230, Derrick Brangman was the top scorer with 50, while Curtis Jackson added 44, Detroy Smith led the Cleveland County bowling attack with figures of 10-1-52-4, while Dennis Musson Jr. bowled 9.4-1-31-3.

Match Abandoned

Bailey’s Bay 30/2 Somerset Cricket Club 0/0

At the Somerset Cricket Club, this Premier Division match was abandoned after the Somerset Cricket Club players decided not to return to the field after a water break, this after learning that Flatt’s Victoria would gain all the points against St. David’s Cricket Club.

Malachi Jones hit a six, and a water break was taken, the Somerset players then informed the umpire that they did not have another ball and they would not take to the field, forcing the stumps to be drawn.

Match Forfeited

Flatt’s Victoria 0/0 St. David’s Cricket Club 0/0

At Lord’s in St. David’s, the St. David’s Cricket Club captain OJ Pitcher won the toss and elected to field, something by all accounts did not sit well with his teammates who voiced their concern after fielding out for 59 overs yesterday afternoon during the Eastern County Match.

The St. David’s Cricket Club players refused to take to the field alongside their captain thus handing the points to Flatt’s Victoria, a result that would see the Somerset Cricket Club relegated.


Bermuda Under 18 National Team 80 Devonshire Recreation Club 81/2

At the Devonshire Rec, the Bermuda Under 18 National Team won the toss and elected to bat, they were bowled out for 80 in 24.3 overs, Micah Simons was the top scorer batting at number 8 with a knock of 24, Jamie Smith led the Devonshire Recreation Club bowling attack returning figures of 9.3-0-33-6.

In reply Ajun Lambe scored 38 and Chris Douglas scored 28 not out helping the Devonshire Recreation Club to a total of 81/2 in 10.2 overs. Dalin Richardson was the pick of the Bermuda Under 18 National Team bowlers with figures of 1-0-1-1, while Charles Trott bowled 3-0-25-1.

Saturday, August 29, 2015
Eastern County Cup Third Round Round Up

OJ Pitcher scored 93 for St. David's
Cleveland Retained the Eastern County Cup

Match Drawn

St. David’s Cricket Club 239/7 Declared Cleveland County 142/6

At Lords in St. David’s, champions Cleveland County won the toss and sent challengers St. David’s Cricket Club to bat, St. David’s Cricket Club scored 220/5 declared, captain OJ Pitcher was the top scorer with 93, while Shea Pitcher added 50, the pair shared a 120 run fourth wicket partnership.

Dion Stovell was the pick of the Cleveland County bowlers returning figures of 12-2-46-2, Dennis Musson Jr. bowled 12.3-3-48-2.

In reply Cleveland County scored 142/6 in 59 overs when stumps were drawn resulting in a draw, Misheal Paynter was the top scorer with 35, while Dion Stovell added 29 not out. Chris Douglas was the pick of the St. David’s Cricket Club bowlers 8-2-32-2.

St. David’s Cricket Club Inning

..08 Chris Douglas b Dennis Musson Jr.
..02 Fiqre Crockwell c Jason Anderson b Damali Bell
..21 Christian Burgess c Aaron Adams b Dion Stovell
..93 OJ Pitcher c Dion Stovell b Treadwell Gibbons
..50 Shea Pitcher c Isaiah Creighton b Mackih McGowan
..03 Justin Pitcher b Dion Stovell
..25 Ruddell Pitcher c Adrian Burrows b Dennis Musson Jr.
..17 George O’Brien Jr. Not Out
..20 Extras (1nb-4w-4b-11lb)
239 Total for 7 Wickets after 56.3 overs

Cleveland County Bowlers

11.-2-43-1 Damali Bell
12.3-3-48-2 Dennis Musson Jr.
12.-2-46-2 Dion Stovell
14.-2-49-1 Treadwell Gibbons
2.0-2-12-0 Isaiah Creighton
2.0-0-16-0 Clay Darrell
2.0-0-10-1 Mackih McGowan

Cleveland County Inning

..15 Adrian Burrows c & b Justin Pitcher
..35 Misheal Paynter c Chris Douglas b Cejay Outerbridge
..22 Aaron Adams Run Out
..00 Jason Anderson b Delyone Borden
..08 Treadwell Gibbons b Chris Douglas
..29 Dion Stovell Not Out

..05 Clay Darrell c Justin Pitcher b Chris Douglas
..15 Damali Bell Not Out
..13 Extras (5b-7lb-1w)
142 Total for 6 Wickets after 59 overs

St. David’s Cricket Club Bowlers

11.-6-28-0 George O'Brien
6.0-2-11-1 CJ Outerbridge
14.-2-37-1 Delyone Borden
2.0-1-01-0 Dell Hollis
4.0-2-02-1 Justin Pitcher
4.0-1-09-0 Fiqre Crockwell
6.0-4-05-0 Rudell Pitcher
8.0-2-32-2 Chris Douglas
3.0-0-05-0 OJ Pitcher
1.0-1-00-0 Shea Pitcher

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