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Monday, October 20, 2014
Bermuda Go Down in Final Warm-Up Match

Bermuda Go Down by 7 Wickets

Bermuda 252 United Arab Emirates 252/3

In their second Warm-up match in Dubai, in preparation for the World Cricket League Division 3 Tournament in Malaysia Bermuda went down by 7 wickets to the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Won the toss and sent Bermuda to bat, Tre Manders scored 60 runs from 105 balls to lead Bermuda to a total of 252 all out in 49.2 overs. Kamau Leverock added 35, Malachi Jones scored 33, while Allan Douglas Jr. chipped in with 30 and Lionel Cann scored 29. Fahad Al Hashim was pick of the UAE bowlers with figures of 10-2-24-2.

In reply UAE scored 263/3 in 43.5 overs, Andri Berenger was the top scorer with 100 before retiring out, while Khurnam Khan added 50, he retired out as well, Janerio Tucker was the pick of the Bermuda bowlers with figures of 10-1-40-1.

Bermuda Inning

..06 (27) Terryn Fray Run Out
..01 (04) Christian Burgess c Swapnil Patel b Noor Khan
..60 (105) Tre Manders b Fahad Al Hashim
..01 (07) Dion Stovell Run Out
..05 (08) Janeiro Tucker c Andri Berenger b Khurnam Khan
..29 (43) Lionel Cann LBW Irfan Sajjad
..30 (37) Allan Douglas LBW Ahmed Raza
..33 (28) Malachi Jones c Kyishna b Fahad Al Hashim
..35 (29) Kamau Leverock b Khurnam Khan
..07 (05) Onias Bascome Run Out
..04 (03) Delray Rawlins Not Out
..41 Extras (10b-12lb-19w)
252 Total All Out after 49.2 Overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-16 (Burgess), 2-38 (Fray), 3-40 (Stovell), 4-51 (Tucker), 5-114 (Cann), 6-148 (Manders), 7-203 (Douglas), 8-205 (Jones), 9-241 (Bascome), 10-252 (Leverock)

United Arab Emirates Bowlers

5.0-0-11-0 Andri Berenger
9.0-2-54-1 Noor Khan
7.2-1-36-2 Khurnam Khan
10.-0-54-1 Ahmed Raza
8.0-0-51-1 Irfan Sajjad
10.-2-24-2 Fahad Al Hashim

United Arab Emirates Inning

..36 (68) Amjad Ali c Onias Bascome b Janeiro Tucker
100 (104) Andri Berenger Retired Out
..50 (52) Khurnam Khan Retired Out
..44 (33) Swapnil Patel Not Out
..06 (08) Kyishna Not Out
..17 Extras
253 Total for 3 Wickets after 43.5 Overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-100 (Ali), 2-172 (Berenger), 3-220 (Khan)

Bermuda Bowlers

8.0-0-64-0 Kamau Leverock
8.0-0-37-0 Dell Hollis
6.0-1-27-0 Kamal Bashir
10.-1-40-1 Janeiro Tucker
4.0-0-28-0 Delray Rawlins
4.5-0-35-0 Onias Bascome
3.0-0-19-0 Dion Stovell

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Bermuda Go Down in Warm Up Opener

Terryn Fray was the Top Scorer
Bermuda Go Down by 154 Runs

United Arab Emirates 281/7 Bermuda 127

In their first warm up match in Dubai before heading to Malaysia the Bermuda National Cricket team fell by 154 runs to UAE.

UAE won the toss and elected to bat they scored 281/7 in their allotted 50 overs. Amjad Ali was their top scorer with 101 before retiring and Rohan Mustafa added 90, Ali hit 11 fours and 3 sixes in his inning, while Mustafa hit 10 fours. Kamau Leverock was the pick of the Bermuda bowlers with figures of 7-0-32-3.

In reply Bermuda was bowled all out for 127, Terryn Fray was the top scorer with 39, Lionel Cann added 16 and Allan Douglas scored 15. Tre Manders and Leverock both added 10 runs each, Fayyaz Ahmed was the pick of the UAE bowlers with figures of 6-1-25-3.

United Arab Emirates Inning

101 (103) Amjad Ali Retired Out
..04 (04) Andri Berenger b Malachi Jones
..90 (109) Rohan Mustafa c Janeiro Tucker b Kamau Leverock
..07 (22) Chirag Suri c Allan Douglas b Kamau Leverock
..08 (14) Saqlain Haiper LBW Malachi Jones
..26 (24) Rohit Singh c Dell Hollis b Kamal Bashir
..02 (03) Nayeed Saleem b Kamau Leverock
..21 (19) Fayyaz Ahmed Not Out
..01 (02) Ahmed Raza Not Out
..21 Extras (1b-3lb-2nb-15w)
281 Total for 7 Wickets after 50 Overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-6 (Berenger), 2-187 (Ali), 3-214 (Mustafa), 4-229 (Haiper), 5-230 (Suri), 6-232 (Saleem), 7-271 (Singh)

Bermuda’s Bowlers

8.0-0-29-2 Malachi Jones
4.0-0-29-0 Jordan DeSilva
6.0-0-26-0 Del Hollis
8.0-0-59-1 Kamal Bashir
6.0-0-25-0 Dion Stovell
5.0-0-34-0 Delray Rawlins
3.0-0-18-0 Janeiro Tucker
3.0-0-26-0 Allan Douglas
7.0-0-32-3 Kamau Leverock

Bermuda Inning

..39 (43) Terryn Fray c Amjad Ali b Ahmed Raza
..08 (19) Christian Burgess c Chirag Suri b Fayyaz Ahmed
..10 (39) Tre Manders st Saqlain Haider b Irfan Sajjad
..00 (01) Onias Bascome LBW Fahad Al Hashim
..09 (15) Dion Stovell st Saqlain Haider b Noor Khan
..01 (03) Janeiro Tucker LBW Fahad Al Hashim
..16 (20) Lionel Cann c Rohan Mustafa b Irfan Sajjad
..15 (15) Allan Douglas b Rohan Mustafa
..06 (05) Malachi Jones b Noor Khan
..10 (13) Kamau Leverock Not Out

..08 (12) Delray Rawlins c Noor Khan b Fahad Al Hashim
..05 Extras (1nb-5w)
127 Total All Out after 29.4 Overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-41 (Fray), 2-49 (Burgess), 3-49 (Bascome), 4-67 (Stovell), 5-68 (Tucker), 6-78 (Manders), 7-93 (Cann), 8-106 (Jones), 9-110 (Douglas), 10-127 (Rawlins)

United Arab Emirates Bowlers
4.0-1-08-0 Naveed Salem
3.4-0-26-2 Fahad Al Hashim
6.0-1-25-3 Fayyaz Ahmed
6.0-2-09-2 Ahmed Raza
4.0-0-20-1 Irfan Sajjad
6.0-0-39-1 Noor Khan
Thursday, October 16, 2014
ICC Teams Release Reveals Another Bermuda Change

The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced the six squads that will travel to Malaysia for Pepsi ICC World Cricket League (WCL) Division 3, which will be played from October 23rd to 30th.

Bermuda, Nepal, Singapore, Uganda, USA and host Malaysia will lock horns in the eight-day round robin tournament to earn a top two finish, and ultimately gain promotion to Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 2, which will be played in Namibia from January 17th 2015.

The Pepsi World Cricket League Division 2 is the final step in the qualification pathway to the ICC’s four-day, first class competition for Associate and Affiliate Members, the ICC Intercontinental Cup, as well as the 50-over Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Championship.

With the ICC release of the teams reveals yet another change to the Bermuda squad, but the confusion is that the Bermuda Cricket Board sent out a Press Release yesterday reporting the pictures from the Awards Ceremony were posted, but nothing about the change.

The original squad announced Monday, September 22nd, was Janeiro Tucker (Captain), Dion Stovell, Lionel Cann, Allan Douglas Jr., Terryn Fray, Tre’Manders, Christian Burgess, Fiqre Crockwell, Kamau Leverock, Delray Rawlins, Malachi Jones, Jordan DeSilva, Kamal Bashir and Del Hollis.

On Thursday, October 9th, the Board announced Temiko Wilson was replacing Fiqre Crockwell who withdrew from the team, but the team released by the ICC has yet another change.

Bermuda Team: Janeiro Tucker (captain), Onias Bascome, Kamal Bashir, Christian Burgess, Lionel Cann, Jordan Desilva, Allan Douglas II, Terryn Fray, Malachi Jones, Kamau Leverock, Tre Manders, Delray Rawlins, Dion Stovell and Delano Talbot.

Attempts to contact the CEO of the Bermuda Cricket Board Neil Speight have yet to materialize however we do intend to continue.


October 23rd
– Nepal v Uganda (Kinrara), USA v Bermuda (Bayeumas), Malaysia v Singapore (Selangor Turf Club)
October 24th – Uganda v Singapore (Kinrara), Malaysia v USA (Bayeumas), Bermuda v Nepal (Selangor Turf Club)
October 25th – Rest/reserve day
October 26th – Malaysia v Bermuda (Kinrara), Nepal v Singapore (Bayeumas), USA v Uganda (Selangor Turf Club)
October 27th – Nepal v USA (Kinrara), Malaysia v Uganda (Bayeumas), Bermuda v Singapore (Selangor Turf Club)
October 28th – Rest/reserve day
October 29th – USA v Singapore (Kinrara), Uganda v Bermuda (Bayeumas), Malaysia v Nepal (Selangor Turf Club)
October 30th – Final (Kinrara), 3rd v 4th play-off (Bayeumas), 5th v 6th play-off (Selangor Turf Club)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Umpires May Call Chucking Next Season

Former international umpire Darrell Hair who Bermuda’s Roger Dill was appointed to umpire the One Day International between Ireland and England in 2006 has said the ICC's crackdown on bowlers with suspect actions has come 20 years too late, and that the weakness of umpires over time to do anything about the issue has helped created a "generation of chucker’s." Hair was the first umpire to call former Sri Lankan offspinner Muttiah Muralitharan for chucking during a Boxing Day Test in Melbourne in 1995.

"Whatever they're doing now, they're doing 20 years too late," Hair told Sydney Morning Herald. "They had a chance in 1995 to clean things up and it's taken them 19 years to finally come back and say they want chuckers out of the game. I can't believe that Saeed Ajmal has been able to bowl as long as he has, and they say he is bending his arm by 45 degrees [the legal limit is 15 degrees] or something. Well, every man and his dog would have known that.

"I suppose what it does show is the general weakness of the umpires over time to do anything about it."

With the report of chucking coming to the forefront, the question during the off season for the Bermuda Cricket Board and the Bermuda Cricket Umpires Association will they call players next season.

It would appear that the ICC is looking to get a hold of the situation and it would make sense for the local officials to follow suite.
Monday, October 13, 2014
BCB CEO & ICC Announce Audio-Visual Rights Deal

Bermuda Cricket Board CEO Neil Speight was involved in the International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting prior to the announcing that cricket’s biggest-ever global broadcast partnership by jointly awarding its audio-visual rights for ICC Events from 2015 to 2023 to Star India and Star Middle East.

The decision was made by the ICC Business Corporation (IBC) Board, ICC’s commercial arm, during a meeting at the ICC headquarters in Dubai on Sunday. The decision followed a robust tender, bidding and evaluation process, which started in July 2014. During the process, which involved two rounds of bidding, the ICC received 17 competitive bids from various broadcasters across different territories for its audio-visual rights.

While the final value of the rights fee agreed will not be disclosed, it is significantly in excess of the ICC’s previous commercial deals.

The current cycle has seen ESPN Star Sports hold the audio-visual rights until the contract expires at the end of next year’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Included in the new eight-year period are 18 ICC tournaments*, including two ICC Cricket World Cups (2019 and 2023), two ICC Champions Trophy tournaments (2017 and 2021) and two ICC World Twenty20 tournaments (2016 and 2020).

The meeting of the IBC Board was attended by the following:

ICC Chairman Narayanaswami Srinivasan
ICC President Mustafa Kamal
ICC Chief Executive David Richardson
Australia Wally Edwards
Bangladesh Nazmul Hassan
England Giles Clarke
India Narayanaswami Srinivasan
New Zealand David White*
Pakistan Shaharyar Khan
South Africa Chris Nenzani
Sri Lanka Jayantha Dharmadasa
West Indies Dave Cameron
Zimbabwe Wilson Manase
Associate Member Director (Bermuda) Neil Speight
Associate Member Director (Namibia) Francois Erasmus
Associate Member Director (Singapore) Imran Khawaja
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