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Monday, September 01, 2014
Weekend Top Batting & Bowling Performers

Clay Smith
Following the Final Round of the Eastern County Cup Competition and the Bermuda Cricket Board’s Premier and First Division matches www.islandstats.com gives you a look at the top batting and bowling performers.

Although some matches were rained out, we have decided to bring you the numbers of some of the action. Clay Smith was the weekends top scorer with a knock of 83 not out for Cleveland County in the rained out game against Bailey’s Bay, while Dion Stovell scored 78 for Cleveland County in their Eastern County match against Flatt’s Victoria and Alex Dore scored 41 not out for the Southampton Rangers in their 9 wicket victory over Willow Cuts.

In the bowling department, Del Hollis stream rolled through the St. George’s Cricket Club batsmen finishing with figures of 7-0-23-6 for the St. David’s Cricket Club, with figures of 10.1-4-24-5 in the Eastern County game saw Dennis Musson Jr. from Cleveland County return the second best figures of the weekend and Damali Bell also from Cleveland County during the Eastern County game returned figures of 10-2-24-4

Top Batsmen

.83* Clay Smith - Cleveland County

..78 (39) Dion Stovell - Cleveland County
.41* Alex Dore - Southampton Rangers
.35* Dion Stovell - Southampton Rangers

Top Bowlers

7.0-0-23-6 Del Hollis - St. David’s Cricket Club

10.1-4-24-5 Dennis Musson Jr. - Cleveland County
10.-2-24-4 Damali Bell - Cleveland County
7-2-21-3 Kevin Tucker - Southampton Rangers

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Premier & First Division Round Up

Dexter Basden scored 30 Runs
Southampton Rangers Win by 9 Wickets

Willow Cuts 93/9 Southampton Rangers 94/1

At the Southampton Oval, Willow Cuts were restricted to 93/9 in a match that was reduced to 26 overs, Dexter Basden was the top scorer with 30 not out, while Bergon Spencer added 17 and Chris Douglas scored 16. Kevin Tucker was the pick of the Southampton Rangers bowlers with figures of 7-2-21-3, while Derrick Brangman bowled 5-3-19-2.

In reply the Southampton Rangers scored 94/1, Alex Dore was the top scorer with 41 not out, while Dion Stovell added 35 not out, Kamal Bashir was the lone Willow Cuts bowler to grab a wicket returning figures of 4-0-29-1.

St. David’s Cricket Club Win by 10 Wickets

St. George’s Cricket Club 49 St. David’s Cricket Club 50/0

At the Wellington Oval, St. David’s Cricket Club won the toss and sent St. George’s Cricket Club to bat, they were bowled all out for 49 in 14.2 overs, St. George’s Cricket Club President Neil Paynter was the top scorer with 12, while Del Hollis was the pick of the St. David’s Cricket Club bowlers with figures of 7-0-23-6.

In reply St. David’s Cricket Club scored 50 without loss in 6.4 overs, Fiqre Crockwell was the top scorer with 28 not out and OJ Pitcher added 18 not out.

Rained Out No Results

Cleveland County 156/4 Bailey’s Bay 0/0

At the Sea Breeze Oval, Bailey’s Bay won the toss and sent Cleveland County to bat, they scored 156/4 after 38 overs before rain prevent any further play for the day. Player/Coach Clay Smith led the Cleveland County batting with a knock of 83 not out, Smith’s runs came off 83 deliveries, Smith hit 8 fours and 5 sixes. Peter Philpott added 22, Philpott and Smith put on a 60 run third wicket partnership, Smith then shared a 63 run fifth wicket partnership before the rain ended the day.

Stephen Outerbridge was the pick of the Bailey’s Bay bowlers with figures of 6-0-41-2.

First Division

Rained Out No Results

Western Stars 219 Flatt 12/0

At Lord’s in St. David’s, this match was eventually rained out resulting in No Result. Western Stars won the toss and elected to bat, they were bowled all out for 219 in 47 overs. Rohan David was the top scorer with 47, while Seion Darrell added 31, Temiko Wilson chipped in with 30 and Brian Hall scored 29. Dornielle Farrel was the pick of the Flatt’s Victoria bowlers with figures of 10-0-44-2, Kijuan Franks bowled 10-0-47-2 and Dajon Carey bowled 8-0-49-2.

Flatt’s Victoria’s inning started and they scored 12 without loss when rain came at 3:45 and put an end to the game. Franks was not out on 8, while Cofield Robinson was not out on 3.

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Eastern County Cup Final Round

Treadwell Gibbons Goes Down but Not Out
Cleveland County are the 2014 Eastern County Cup Champions

Flatt’s Victoria 57 Cleveland County 176/8

Allan Douglas Jr. the Cleveland County Captain won the toss and sent challengers Flatt’s Victoria to bat.

The match was reduced to 113 overs for the day’s play after early morning rain delayed the start. Flatt’s Victoria were bowled all out for 57, only one player made it into double figures as Kijuan Franks scored 10. Dennis Musson Jr. returned figures of 10.1-4-24-5, while Damali Bell bowled 10-2-24-4.

In reply Cleveland County scored 58/3, Jason Anderson was the top scorer with 26, while captain Allan Douglas Jr. added 14 not out. Franks was the pick of the Flatt’s Victoria bowlers with figures of 7-1-23-2.

The match had to continue until 4:30pm, with Cleveland County eventually scoring 169/8, Dion Stovell who scored more than 50 runs in each match was the top scorer with 78 off 39 balls.

Flatt’s Victoria Inning

..09 (18) Cofield Robinson b Damali Bell
..00 (01) Vernon Eve b Dennis Musson Jr.
..07 (26) Azeem Pitcher c Allan Douglas Jr. b Damali Bell
..00 (07) Temiko Wilson LBW Dennis Musson Jr.
..10 (25) Kijuan Franks c Damali Bell b Dennis Musson Jr.
..01 (12) Regino Smith c Courtney Trott b Damali Bell
..00 (08) Reggie Baker b Damali Bell
..07 (14) Dajon Carey Run Out
..08 (12) Rahji Edness c Jason Anderson b Dennis Musson Jr.
..00 (01) Nelson Bascome b Dennis Musson Jr.
..00 (03) Che Woolridge Not Out
..15 Extras (6nb-4b-5lb)
..57 Total All Out Wickets after 20.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-1 (Eve), 2-18 (Robinson), 3-25 (Wilson), 4-31 (Pitcher), 5-34 Smith), 6-42 (Franks), 7-43 (Baker), 8-50 (Carey), 9-50 (Bascome), 10-57 (Edness)

Cleveland County Bowlers

10.1-4-24-5 Dennis Musson Jr.
10.-2-24-4 Damali Bell

Cleveland County Inning

..01 (09) Treadwell Gibbons Jr. Not Out

..06 (13) Courtney Trott b Kijuan Franks
..26 (36) Jason Anderson c Nelson Bascome b Kijuan Franks
..08 (12) Steven Douglas Jr. c Azeem Pitcher b Vernon Eve
..06 (37) Randy Bean c Che Woolridge b Kijuan Franks
..18 (21) Allan Douglas Jr. c Vernon Eve b Nelson Bascome
..22 (37) Damian Rabaine LBW Nelson Bascome
..78 (39) Dion Stovell b Vernon Eve
..02 (05) Damali Bell c Che Woolridge b Nelson Bascome
..02 (05) Dennis Musson Jr. Not Out
..07 Extras (5b-2lb)
176 Total for 8 Wickets after 36 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-21 (Trott), 2-41 (Douglas), 3-41 (Anderson), 4-64 (Douglas), 5-66 (Bean), 6-165 (Rabain), 7-171 (Bell), 8-172 (Stovell)

Flatt’s Bowlers

11.-2-33-3 Kijuan Franks
12.-2-64-3 Nelson Bascome
9.0-1-40-2 Vernon Eve
4.0-0-32-0 Dajon Carey

Friday, August 29, 2014
Flatt's Victoria Announce County Team

Regino Smith
Eastern County Cup Challengers Flatt’s Victoria have announced their team that will take on Cup Holders Cleveland County at the Sea Breeze Oval.

Flatt’s will be led by Colt Cofield Robinson, they have also included two other Colts in Azeem Pitcher and Temiko Wilson.

Flatt’s Victoria Team

Cofield Robinson – Captain – Colt
Kijuan Franks
Regino Smith
Vernon Eve
Azeem Pitcher – Colt
Temiko Wilson – Colt
Reggie Baker
Rahji Edness
Dajon Carey
Nelson Bascome
Che Woolridge

Chris Daley
Jacal Minors
Logan Phillips
Friday, August 29, 2014
Richardson & Hollis - Chivas Sportsperson of the Week

The Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) and Chivas Regal, the leader in quality blended scotch, announced the winner of the weekly Chivas Cricket Sportsman Award (CCSA).

The winner of the award for weeks 11 & 12 are Russell Richardson and Del Hollis.

Week 11 winner Richardson has been a major contributor to the programs of the Bermuda Cricket Board all year serving as the manager of one of the Bermuda Cricket Board’s National Squads and the Tournament Director for the recently concluded ICC Under 17 Tournament hosted in Bermuda. Richardson does this entirely voluntarily. Richardson has consistently proven to be thorough and hard-working in addition to showing care and empathy to players and members of the community alike.

Week 12 winner, Hollis has been a stalwart of St. David’s Cricket Club for many years. He still plays for the Senior team and is actively involved in the youth programs and puts countless hours into preparing the grounds. On Sunday August 24th, St. David’s Cricket Club was scheduled to play Bailey’s Bay on a day when most games were rained out. Due to Hollis’ efforts on the pitch preparations, pitch covering and grass cutting when there were dry periods the teams were able to complete a game that day.

The Chivas motto is ‘Live with Chivalry,’ and cricket is renowned for being a gentleman’s sport. Only the best for the best, Chivas 18 is a uniquely rich and multi-layered blend that includes over twenty of Scotland's rarest single malt Scotch whiskies.

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