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Sunday, December 21, 2014
ICC Americas Split T20 Games with Barbados

All four Bermuda players Delray Rawlins, Onias Bascome, Tre Manders and Christian Burgess were once again in the ICC Americas team that took on the Barbados CCC team at the Three W's Oval, Cave Hill in back to back Twenty20 matches.

First Twenty20

ICC Americas Go Down by 5 runs

Barbados CCC 129/5 ICC Americas 124/6

In the first of two Twenty20 matches against the Barbados CCC the ICC Americas team went down by 5 runs. Barbados CCC won toss and decided to bat, they scored 129/5 in their allotted 20 overs, Rawlins returned bowling figures of 4-0-23-1, with Manders held onto a catch.

In reply the ICC Americas scored 124/6 in their 20 overs, Bascome was the third highest scorer with 14, while both Bascome and Manders scored 6 runs each and Burgess was not out without scoring.

Second Twenty20

ICC Americas Win By 3 runs

ICC Americas 126/6 Barbados CCC 123/5

Match 2 saw the ICC Americas win toss and decided to bat, they scored 126/6 in their allotted 20 overs, Bascome was the top scorer with 36 not out, Bascome faced 27 deliveries hitting 2 fours and 2 sixes, Burgess was the third top scorer with 20 as an opener, Rawlins chipped in with 14 and Manders was run out for 11.

In reply the ICC Americas team restricted the Barbados CCC to 123/5, with Rawlins holding on to a catch. Rawlins was also the only Bermudian player to bowl finishing with figures of 2-0-12-0.

Click Here to see the Full Game One ICC Americas-Barbados CCC Scorecard

Click Here to see the Full Game Two ICC Americas-Barbados CCC Scorecard
Saturday, December 20, 2014
Bermuda 4 & ICC Americas Go Down

ICC Americas Go Down by 2 Runs

Barbados CCC 131 ICC Americas 129

All four Bermuda players Delray Rawlins, Onias Bascome, Tre Manders and Christian Burgess were once again in the ICC Americas team that took on the Barbados CCC team at the Three W's Oval, Cave Hill.

The Barbados CCC won toss and decided to bat they were bowled all out for 131 after 44.3 overs, before bowling the ICC Americas all out for 129 in 35.1 overs winning by 2 runs.

In the Barbados CCC inning, Burgess recorded a catch and two stumpings, while Rawlins had bowling figures of 10-1-33-3.

In reply, Manders was the top scorer with 26 runs, while Rawlins added 14, Burgess was out fir 6 and Bascome was run out for 3.

Barbados CCC Inning

..18 (28) J Brathwaite c Steven Taylor b Nikhil Kumar
..24 (67) S Moseley c Christian Burgess b Nikhil Kumar
..07 (33) C Burton b Nikhil Kumar
..22 (54) N Alexis st Christian Burgess b Delray Rawlings
..21 (33) K Mayers Run Out
..02 (09) A Daniel LBW b Delray Rawlings
..02 (04) G Pope c Keifer Phill b Satsimranjit Dhindsa
..00 (04) J Robinson LBW Satsimranjit Dhindsa
..06 (15) J Smith Not Out

..08 (08) K Cottoy c Satsimranjit Dhindsa b Delray Rawlings
..04 (12) J Ali st Christian Burgess b Farhan Malik
..17 Extras (15w-2lb)
131 Total All Out after 44.3 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-40 (Brathwaite), 2-55 (Burton), 3-62 (Moseley), 4-97 (Mayers), 5-109 (Alexis), 6-110 (Daniel), 7-111 (Robinson), 8-112 (Pope), 9-127 (Cottoy), 10-131 (Ali)

ICC Americas Bowlers

4.0-1-18-0 Keifer Phill
9.0-0-31-2 Satsimranjit Dhindsa
10.-6-11-3 Nitish Kumar
7.0-1-16-0 Nikhil Dutta
10.-1-33-3 Delray Rawlings
4.3-0-20-1 Farhan Malik

ICC Americas Inning

..06 (08) Steven Taylor b J McDonald
..13 (22) Kushal Ganji c K Cottoy b J McDonald
..26 (32) Tre Manders b K Cottoy
..22 (25) Nitish Kumar c J Ali b K Ramsaran
..13 (54) Nikhil Dutta c K Cottoy b C Powell
..03 (06) Onias Bascome Run Out
..14 (28) Delray Rawlings c N Alexis b C Powell
..06 (17) Arslan Khan c J Smith b K Cottoy
..06 (07) Christian Burgess b K Ramsaran
..00 (02) Satsimranjit Dhindsa b C Powell
..07 (10) Farhan Malik Not Out
..13 Extras (13w)
129 Total All Out after 35.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-8 (Taylor), 2-27 (Ganji), 3-66 (Kumar), 4-74 (Manders), 5-80 (Bascome), 6-108 (Rawlins), 7-109 (Dutta), 8-116 (Burgess), 9-117 (Dhindsa), 10-129 (Khan)

Barbados CCC Bowlers

5.0-0-28-2 J McDonald
9.0-0-32-3 C Powell
3.0-0-20-0 S Chulan
7.1-0-26-2 K Cottoy
10.-4-13-2 K Ramsaran
1.0-0-10-0 J Ali
Friday, December 19, 2014
Bermuda Umpire Trio in Barbados

Richard Austin
Bermuda umpires Roger Dill, Kent Gibbons and Richard Austin along with other ICC Americas Panel Umpires are currently in Barbados working with the Barbados Cricket Umpires Association.

The course the umpires are taking included the following:

• Development of core competencies of umpiring
• Development of facilitation skills to ensure ongoing sustainability and growth of Umpires within the Americas region
• Officiating tour matches between the ICC Americas representative team and local Barbados teams.

The two facilitators are Gregory Brathwaite and Peter Nero.

Brathwaite is an experienced International Umpire, and current President and a Training Officer of the Barbados Cricket Umpires Association. Brathwaite has stood in 13 ODI matches and 12 T20I Matches, as well as the 2013 ICC Women’s World Cup in India and the Cricket Word Cup Qualifiers.

Nero made his ODI debut in 2011 and has officiated 22 ODI matches since then. Mr. Nero is currently Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Umpires and Scorers Council Training and Examination Committee, while also being Chairman of Central Zone Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association Training and Examination Committee. He also officiated at two Under 19 World Cup tournaments and CWC Qualifiers.
Friday, December 19, 2014
BCB Remove 2nd VP Douglas from the Board

The Bermuda Cricket Board Executive met on Thursday December 18th to consider the report from the Tour Review Committee led by 1st Vice President Nyon Steede.

The Committee was formed by the President of the Bermuda Cricket Board Lloyd Fray, to a thorough and full investigation of the recent tour to Dubai and Malaysia.

In the course of compiling the report the Committee interviewed 6 players and all 4 tour management staff members. The comprehensive report collated responses from the participants on 5 prepared questions.

The Executive gave full consideration to the report and then met with Acting National Coach and Bermuda Cricket Board 2nd Vice-President Allan Douglas.

After a careful and thorough deliberation the Executive passed a vote of no-confidence in Douglas and removed him from the Board.

President Fray said, “The significant under-performance of the National Team in the recent tournament is a matter that the Board is taking very seriously. There are a number of areas highlighted in the review that need to be addressed and we are working on them expeditiously. As soon as the processes are complete the Board will communicate them.”

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Bermudians Contribute to ICC Americas Win

ICC Americas Win By 117 runs

ICC Americas 269/5 Barbados Combermere 152

All four Bermuda players Delray Rawlins, Onias Bascome, Tre Manders and Christian Burgess were once again in the ICC Americas team that took on the Barbados Combermere team at the Briar Hall Park.

This game was a 50 Over affair with the ICC Americas winning by 117 runs.

Barbados Combermere won toss and decided to field, with the ICC Americas scoring 269/5, Burgess was the top scorer, he retired hurt with cramp on 68, but resumed his inning at the end to finish the innings on 83 not out.

Burgess’ 117 ball inning saw him hit 7 fours and 2 sixes, while Rawlins scored 30 from 30, Rawlins hit 2 fours and 1 six in his inning, Manders scored 7 and Bascome did not bat.

In reply Barbados Combermere were bowled all out for 152 in 48 overs, Bascome picked up two early wickets finishing with figures of 4-0-24-2, he also held onto a catch. Rawlins had figures of 8-0-25-1, Manders bowled 1-0-7-1, Manders also had a run out and Burgess held onto 2 catches.

The match also saw the involvement of Bermuda Umpire Kent Gibbons.

ICC Americas Inning

..34 (33) Steven Taylor c Keon Wiltshire c b Matthew Jones
..83 (117) Christian Burgess Not Out

..60 (63) Nitish Kumar c Zachary McCaskie b Ronaldo Callender
..40 (46) Arslan Khan Not Out

..00 (03) Kushal Ganji c & b Kevon Bartlett
..30 (30) Delray Rawlings c Alex Fergusson b Ronaldo Callender
..07 (08) Tre Manders st Alex Fergusson b Ronaldo Callender
..15 Extras (3b-1lb-10w-1nb)
269 Total for 5 Wickets after 50 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-67 (Taylor), 1-166 (Burgess), 2-175 (Kumar), 3-179 (Ganji), 4-232 (Rawlins), 5-248 (Manders)

Barbados Combermere Bowlers

6.0-0-35-0 Raneil Smith
5.0-0-23-0 Joshua Cooke
10.-0-72-1 Matthew Jones
10.-0-40-0 Neil Persaud
6.0-0-37-0 Shakkae Marshall
5.0-0-21-1 Kevon Bartlett
8.0-0-37-3 Ronaldo Callender

Barbados Combermere Inning

..24 (40) Leniko Boucher b Onias Bascome
..05 (25) Alex Fergusson c Christian Burgess b K Phill
..09 (18) Hasani Newton b Onias Bascome
..06 (09) Zachary McCaskie c & b Nikhil Dutta
..23 (55) Matthew Jones LBW Farhan Malik
..14 (13) Thadaeus Chase LBW Nikhil Dutta
..01 (03) Keon Wiltshire c Tre Manders b Delray Rawlings
..00 (05) Shian Brathwaite Run Out
..28 (75) Kevon Bartlett Not Out

..00 (08) Neil Persaud c Onias Bascome b Farhan Malik
..19 (43) Shakkae Marshall c Christian Burgess b Tre Manders
..23 Extras (3lb-17w-3nb)
152 Total All Out after 48 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-18 (Fergusson), 2-42 (Newton), 3-49 (Boucher), 4-53 (McCaskie), 5-83 (Chase), 6-88 (Wiltshire), 7-89 (Brathwaite), 8-114 (Jones), 9-114 (Persaud), 10-152 (Marshall)

ICC Americas Bowlers

5.0-0-14-0 Satsimranjit Dhindsa
5.0-0-18-1 Keifer Phill
4.0-0-24-2 Onias Bascome
8.0-2-15-2 Farhan Malik
10.-2-25-2 Nikhil Dutta
8.0-1-25-1 Delray Rawlings
6.0-2-15-0 Nitish Kumar
1.0-0-06-0 Steven Taylor
1.0-0-07-1 Tre Manders
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