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Sunday, April 21, 2024
Kappa Classic 2024 Finals

The 2024 Kappa Classic came to an end at the National Sports Center with Champions crowned in 9 Divisions.

Warwick Football Academy won two of the Girl's Divisions, with BFLA and the PHC Lady Zebras claiming the other Girls' titles.

In the Boyís Division, FC Bascome won two of the Boyís titles, with Vasco, North Village Rams, Warwick Football Academy, and Devonshire Colts all claiming a Division title.

Under 7 Girls Final

0 Warwick Football Academy Atletico
2 Warwick Football Academy Valencia

Under 9 Girls Final

1 Warwick Football Academy Inter

0 PHC Lady Zebras Black

Under 11 Girls Final

3 BFLA Black

0 PHC Lady Zebras

Under 13 Girls Final

4 PHC Lady Zebras

0 Dandy Stars

Under 7 Boys Final

0 Vasco Red
3 Devonshire Colts Orange

Under 9 Boys Final

5 North Village Rams Red

0 Devonshire Colts Orange

Under 11 Boys Final

5 FC Bascome

0 Vasco Red

Under 13 Boys Final

1 FC Bascome Blue

0 Somerset Trojans Red

Under 15 Boys Final

1 Warwick Football Academy Santos

0 PHC Zebras Black
Saturday, April 20, 2024
Kappa Classic 2024 Day Two
The Kappa Classic continued at the National Sports Center, the Classic continues to be the largest youth sporting event in Bermuda.

Group A - U7 Girls

0 BHS U7 Dragons
3 WFA U7 Valencia

3 WFA U7 Atletico

Under 7 Group A

12 Somerset Cricket Club U7 Red
0 Vasco U7 Blue

2 X-Roads Warriors U7 Black
1 North Village U7 Red

Under 7 Group B

2 FC Bascome U7 Blue
0 Devonshire Colts U7 Black

6 PHC U7 Blacks
0 X-Roads Warriors U7 White

Under 7 Group C

5 WFA U7 Barcelona
0 Southampton Rangers U7

5 Dandy Town U7 Brown
0 PHC U7 Whites

Under 7 Group D

5 Devonshire Colts U7 Orange
0 Devonshire Cougars U7

7 Vasco U7 Red
0 Dandy Town U7 Gold

Under 11 Girls Group A

2 BHS Warriors U11
3 PHC U11 Girls

Under 11 Girls Group B

1 WFA U11 Manchester
1 BHS Basilisks U11

Under 11 Girls Group C

1 Dandy Stars U11
3 BFLA U11 Red

Under 9 Group A

1 Vasco U9 Red
1 Boulevard Community Club U9

1 North Village U9 Red
0 PHC U9 White

Under 9 Group B

6 PHC U9 Black
0 North Village U9 White

5 X-Roads Warriors U9 Black
0 BAA U9 White

Under 9 Group C

0 WFA U9 Juventus
4 FCB U9 Blue

Under 9 Group F

0 Southampton Rangers U9
3 Devonshire Colts U9 Orange

Under 9 Group D

1 Devonshire Colts U9 Black
12 WFA U9 Roma

4 WFA U9 Roma
0 Vasco U9 Blue

Under 9 Group E

1 St. George's Colts U9
3 FCB U9 Gold

Under 9 Group G

12 Dandy Town U9
0 X-Roads Warriors U9 Purple

0 X-Roads Warriors U9 Purple
20 Somerset Cricket Club U9 Red

Under 13 Group A

2 WFA U13 River Plate
6 Southampton Rangers U13

0 PHC U13 Black
1 North Village U13

Under 13 Group B

2 Dandy Town U13 Gold
1 Devonshire Colts U13

1 X-Roads Warriors U13
0 Somerset Cricket Club U13 Black

Under 13 Group A

1 St. David's Warriors U13
2 PHC U13 White

0 Vasco U13
1 FCB U13 Blue
Friday, April 19, 2024
Kappa Classic 2024 Day One
The 2024 Kappa Classic got underway at the National Sports Center.

Under 7 Group A

5 Warwick Football Academy Valencia

0 Vasco
14 X-Roadís Black

3 North Village Rams Red
2 St. Georgeís Colts

0 Warwick Football Academy Valencia
3 Warwick Football Academy Atletico

Under 7 Group B

0 Devonshire Colts Black
4 PHC Zebras Black

0 X-Roadís White
1 North Village Rams White

Under 7 Group C

0 Southampton Rangers
5 Dandy Town Hornets Brown

3 PHC Zebras White
1 X-Roadís Purple

Under 7 Group D

0 Devonshire Cougars
3 Vasco Red

1 Dandy Town Hornets Gold
3 Somerset Trojans Black

Under 7 Girls Group A

5 Warwick Football Academy Atletico
0 BHS Dragons

Under 9 Girls Group A

0 St. Davidís
4 Warwick Football Academy Inter

Under 9 Girls Group B

1 PHC Lady Zebras Black
0 BHS Flames

Under 9 Girls Group B

0 BHS Thunder
1 Warwick Football Academy Napoli

Under 11 Girls Group A

1 PHC Lady Zebras
2 BFLA Black

Under 11 Girls Group B

0 BHS Basilisks
0 St. Davidís

Under 11 Girls Group C

0 BFLA Red
1 Warwick Football Academy Arsenal

Under 13 Group A

4 North Village Rams
0 Southampton Rangers

4 PHC Zebras Black
0 Warwick Football Academy River Plate

0 Southampton Rangers
2 PHC Zebras Black

4 North Village Rams
0 Warwick Football Academy River Plate

Under 13 Group B

2 Somerset Trojans Black
1 Devonshire Colts

1 X-Roadís
1 Dandy Town Hornets Gold

2 Devonshire Colts
5 X-Roadís

1 Somerset Trojans Black
1 Dandy Town Hornets Gold

Under 13 Group C

1 FC Bascome Blue
0 PHC Zebras White

4 Vasco
1 St. Davidís

2 PHC Zebras White
1 Vasco

3 FC Bascome Blue
0 St. Davidís

Under 13 Group D

2 Dandy Town Hornets Brown
3 Warwick Football Academy Bocca Jrs.

0 FC Bascome Gold
5 Somerset Trojans Red

2 Warwick Football Academy Boca Jrs.
0 FC Bascome Gold

0 Dandy Town Hornets Brown
2 Somerset Trojans Red

Under 13 Girls Group A

1 St. Davidís
0 Warwick Academy Bayern Munich

0 PHC lady Zebras
0 Dandy Stars

0 Warwick Football Academy Bayern Munich
1 PHC Lady Zebras

0 St. Davidís
0 Dandy Stars

Under 15 Group A

0 Devonshire Colts
2 Somerset Trojans Red

6 Warwick Football Academy Santos
1 PHC Zebras White

3 North Village Rams
1 Devonshire Colts

Under 15 Group B

1 Warwick Football Academy Flamengo
3 FC Bascome Blue

0 Dandy Town Hornets
0 Warwick Football Academy Flamengo

0 FC Bascome Blue
1 PHC Zebras Black
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Deshield-Tankard Commits to Thomas College

Adio Deshield-Tankard has committed to attend Thomas College, the North Village Rams player will join 5 other Bermuda players already on the roster.

Deshield-Tankard will join, Shane Robinson, Tre Burgess, Cody Robinson, Joshua Joseph, and Stefan Simmons next school year.
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Hall Scores Again in Hull City Under 21 Win

Sincere Hall and his Hull City Under 21 teammates made it five consecutive wins in the Professional Development League with a 3 - 1 victory over Queens Park Rangers.

Two goals from Tyrell Sellars-Fleming and finish from Hall saw Hull City secure all three points at the MKM Stadium.

Hall blocked Harry Leeís drive before City took the lead in the 19th minute, with the Bermudian winger playing a key role in the goal. Evading the challenges, Hall cut the ball back for Sellars-Fleming to convert from close range.

With the score now 2 Ė 0, Hall drove through the QPR midfield before placing his right-footed finish into the bottom corner, past the dive of Ben Houston.

Hall then searched for a fourth when Oliver Green played an over-the-top pass to release the Bermudian international. Looking to cut the ball back for Aydınlık, Houston did well to block the cross before the QPR defense cleared the rebound away.
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