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Sunday, May 30, 2010
Lepercq Memorial Round Up

The 10th edition of the Lepercq Memorial martial arts tournament was held at the Pembroke Sunday School featuring competition in forms, point sparring, weapons forms and K-1. Junior forms winners were Keijon Smith, Ryley Mason, Jasmyn Renfroe, Kent Bean and Kaelin Cox for weapons.

Zenji Ingham improved on his April performance, with a 5/0 victory over Garon Wilkinson and continued to win 4/1 over Anthony Leader Sr. for the Grandchampionship. For weapons forms Wilkinson and Leader were unopposed in their respective age categories and Wilkinson took the Grandchampionship, also 4/1.

For the full contact round robin at 70 kg, Morgan Sanche won on split points over Shaun Richards, who was unable to continue to the next bout, giving Jeron Gunness a walkover victory. Gunness took his match with Sanche on straight points to win the group.

In the 77kg Division Sentwali Woolridge defeated Khalid Pitcher on straight points.


Novice Boys -16

1- Keijon Smith

Novice Girls -10
1- Ryley Mason

Intermediate Boys -16
1- Tomiko Douglas

Intermediate Girls -16
1- Jasmyn Renfroe

2- Alexis Trott

Advanced Boys -18
1- Kent Bean

2- Anthony Leader Jr
3- Kaelin Cox

Junior Weapons
1- Kaelin Cox

2- Anthony Leader Jr.
3- Kent Bean
4- Samir Furqan

Black Belt Men
1- Zenji Ingham

2- Garon Wilkinson
Black Belt Men 45+
1- Anthony Leader Sr.

Black Belt Grandchampion
Zenji Ingham

Black Belt Men Weapons
1- Garon Wilkinson

Black Belt Men 45+ Weapons
1- Anthony Leader Sr.

Black Belt Men Weapons Grandchampion
Garon Wilkinson


Sparring Boys 6-7

1- Zaire Williams

2- Noah Simmons

Sparring Boys 8-9
1- Luis Pontes

2- Jibreel Talbot
3- DeAndre Simmons
4- Isa Trott

Sparring Boys 10-11
1- Jomeko Mallory

2- keijon Smith
3- Nathaniel Simmons

Sparring Boys 14-15
1- Kaelin Cox

Sparring Boys 16-17
1- Anthony Leader Jr.

2- Samir Furqan

Black Belt Men
1- Sentwali Woolridge

K 1


1- Jeron Gunness

2- Morgan Sanche
3- Shaun Richards

1- Sentwali Woolridge

2- Khalid Pitcher
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