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Sunday, May 19, 2019
Bermuda Gold Point Archery Outdoor Week 3

Week Three of the Gold Point Archery Outdoor Shoot League saw the Archers once again compete in near perfect conditions at the Southside Outdoor Archery facility.

The Adult Barebow shooter winner on the day was Ed Silvia shooting at the 30m 80cm distance recorded 572 points.

Ernest McCallan would win the Adult Recurve Division on the day at the 30m 80cm distance with 610 points

The Bowman Recurve winner for the day was Cataleya McCallan who was shooting at the 10m 80cm distance with 576 points.

Zavia Smith-Blakeney won the Cadet Recurve 10m 80cm distance with 573 points.

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Leverock Bowls Caythorpe CC To Victory

Kamau Leverock turned out for Caythorpe Cricket Club, Notts - 1st XI in their Nottinghamshire Cricket Board Premier League match against Papplewick and Linby Cricket Club 1st XI.

Leverock and his Caythorpe Cricket Club Notts - 1st XI teammates picked up a victory by 121 runs.

Batting first Caythorpe Cricket Club Notts - 1st XI were bowled out for 214 after 49.2 overs, Martyn Dobson was the top scorer with 78, while James Oldham added 62, Leverock was out first ball without scoring. Jim Rhodes was the pick of the Papplewick and Linby Cricket Club 1st XI bowlers with figures of 12-3-28-4.

In reply Papplewick and Linby Cricket Club 1st XI were bowled out for 93, James Taylor was the top scorer with 41, while Leverock led the Caythorpe Cricket Club Notts - 1st XI bowling attack returning figures of 11-4-16-6.

Caythorpe Cricket Club Notts - 1st XI Inning

..05 (15) Lyndon James c Harry Ratcliffe b Jim Rhodes
..02 (15) Tom Hart c Harry Ratcliffe b Richard Hodgkinson
..78 (107) Martyn Dobson LBW Jim Rhodes
..04 (05) Hishaam Khan LBW Richard Hodgkinson
..00 (01) Kamau Leverock c & b Richard Hodgkinson
..62 (97) James Oldham LBW Jim Rhodes
..13 (21) Joe Ashdown st Harry Ratcliffe b Ben Bhabra
..00 (02) Andrew Staszkiewicz c James Taylor b Jim Rhodes
..08 (27) James Hindson st Harry Ratcliffe b George Blatherwick
..02 (02) Jonathan Miller Not Out

..07 (05) Max Shenton b Ben Bhabra
..24 Extras (2lb-21w-1nb)
214 Total All Out after 49.2 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-20 (James), 2-20 (Hart), 3-24 (Khan), 4-26 (Leverock), 5-181 (Dobson), 6-186 (Oldham), 7-186 (Staszkiewicz), 8-205 (Ashdown), 9-205 (Hindson), 10-214 (Shenton)

Papplewick and Linby Cricket Club 1st XI Bowlers

12.-3-28-4 Jim Rhodes
6.0-0-46-3 Richard Hodgkinson
11.2-0-52-2 Ben Bhabra
3.0-0-11-0 Craig Grimley
10.-0-51-1 George Blatherwick
7.0-0-24-0 Freddie McCann

Papplewick and Linby Cricket Club 1st XI Inning

..00 (06) Sam Ogrizovic LBW Kamau Leverock
..08 (20) Freddie McCann c James Hindson b Kamau Leverock
..10 (24) Louis Bhabra c James Hindson b Kamau Leverock
..41 (83) James Taylor c Andrew Staszkiewicz b James Hindson
..00 (07) Tom Bowers c Martyn Dobson b Kamau Leverock
..01 (06) Harry Ratcliffe Run Out
..00 (05) Craig Grimley LBW Kamau Leverock
..00 (07) Ben Bhabra c Martyn Dobson b Kamau Leverock
..05 (12) George Blatherwick st Joe Ashdown b James Hindson
..19 (37) Richard Hodgkinson Not Out
..01 (04) Jim Rhodes b Jonathan Miller
..08 Extras (3lb-5w)
..93 Total All Out after 35.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-0 (Ogrizovic), 2-12 (McCann), 3-28 (Louis Bhabra), 4-32 (Bowers), 5-33 (Ratcliffe), 6-33 (Grimley), 7-37 (Ben Bhabra), 8-53 (Blatherwick), 9-86 (Taylor), 10-93 (Rhodes)

Caythorpe Cricket Club Notts - 1st XI Bowlers

11.-4-16-6 Kamau Leverock
5.0-0-19-0 Hishaam Khan
12.-2-38-2 James Hindson
3.0-1-08-0 Lyndon James
4.1-0-09-1 Jonathan Miller
Thursday, May 16, 2019
Tucker Talks Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honours

Yesterday www.islandstats.com reported that former Bermuda and Somerset Cup Match captain Janeiro Tucker and Voice of Summer Commentator Sean Tucker received their Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honours.

Janeiro Tucker said, “This indeed was a great honor, I want to thank those persons who put my name forward.”

“This award is right up there with my accomplishments in the sport of Cricket, I did not realize that I could even be considered for this award,” Tucker went on to say.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
National Sports Center Grand Stand Under Repair

Work on the National Sports Center Grand Stand is well underway. The Grand Stand has needed repairs for a number of reasons, work on the roof is expected to take a few month’s.

National Sports Center Operation Manager Craig Tyrell said, the work is on schedule and is expected to finish in July.

Joints and brackets have been replaced as a starting point and next will see the rusting addressed on the roof of the Grand Stand.

Also to be addressed is the Stadium Cottage which currently stands at the Main Gate at the Sports Center.

Tyrell stated, “The cottage is on the list of buildings to be demolished and we are just waiting on Works & Engineering to complete the task.”

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Rawlins & Sussex In Control On Day One

Delray Rawlins and his Sussex Seconds teammates are in full control on Day One of their Second XI Championship - South Group match against MCC Young Cricketers as they lead by 292 runs with 3 wickets remaining in the First Inning.

Batting first Sussex Seconds declared on 369/8, Phil Salt was the top scorer with 86, Rawlins added 58 off 69 deliveries, Rawlins hit 7 fours and 1 six in his 94 minute stay at the crease. DT Moriarty was the pick of the MCC Young Cricketers bowlers returning figures of 21-5-77-4.

At the close of play MCC Young Cricketers reached 77/7 after 31.5 overs, BP Erasmus is the top scorer thus far with 29, while DR Briggs has figures of 6.5-5-13-3, Rawlins held onto a catch at short leg.

Sussex Seconds 1st Inning

..86 (53) PD Salt LBW Moriarty
..24 (33) TJ Haines c Mead b Sohi
..54 (54) LWP Wells c Imtiaz b Miles
..64 (127) HZ Finch LBW Moriarty
..07 (14) LJ Evans c Rahib Ali b Sohi
..58 (69) Delray Rawlins c Rahib Ali b Miles
..10 (15) MGK Burgess c Mead b Moriarty
..36 (46) WAT Beer Not Out

..02 (13) DR Briggs b Moriarty
..06 (13) HD Ward Not Out
..22 Extras (4b-7lb-1w-10nb)
369 Total for 8 Wickets Declared after 72 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-95 (Haines), 2-150 (Salt), 3-202 (Wells), 4-215 (Evans), 5-296 (Finch), 6-318 (Burgess), 7-328 (Rawlins), 8-338 (Briggs)

MCC Young Cricketers Bowlers

14.-0-78-0 WJR Robertson
4.0-0-48-0 TE Jones
4.0-0-30-0 GL Jackson
13.-1-68-2 IS Sohi
21.-5-77-4 DT Moriarty
14.-2-45-2 EJB Miles
2.0-0-12-0 Kashif Ali

MCC Young Cricketers 1st Inning

..29 (34) BP Erasmus c Finch b Haines
..03 (21) SW Mead c Evans b Haines
..03 (12) SM Imtiaz LBW Sakande
..10 (42) BFW de Leede b Briggs
..07 (33) Kashif Ali c Delray Rawlins b Briggs
..02 (28) Rahib Ali Not Out

..14 (13) IS Sohi c Burgess b Sakande
..02 (08) DT Moriarty LBW Briggs
..07 Extras (7lb)
..77 Total for 7 wickets after 31.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-23 (Mead), 2-36 (Erasmus), 3-37 (Imtiaz), 4-54 (de Leede), 5-55 (Kashif Ali), 6-74 (Sohi), 7-77 (Moriarty)

Sussex Seconds Bowlers

10.-2-34-2 A Sakande
5.0-1-15-0 JR Shaw
10.-7-08-2 TJ Haines
6.5-5-13-3 DR Briggs
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