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Sunday, August 19, 2018
BCA Criterium Round Up

The Bermuda Bicycle Association’s season resumed with a Bermuda Cycling Academy Criterium in Hamilton.

Clifford Roberts rode to victory in the B Class he was able to hold off a strong challenge from Caitlin Conyers to take the checkered flag.

Friday, August 17, 2018
Regions Battle to host Birmingham 2022 Cycle Road Races
A new battle has opened in the West Midlands of England between cities wanting to be included as part of the course for the Cycling Road Race during the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

The Black Country, which is made up of the three Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, and Walsall, was already angry after Birmingham 2022 resisted calls to build a velodrome in the area for the event.

They now fear they could be ignored when organizers draw up the route for one of the showpiece competitions of the Games.

Wolverhampton is being put forward to play a major role in the cycling road race because it is claimed it staged the first-ever race on public streets in Birmingham more than 75 years ago.

Percy Stallard defied the then-national body, the National Cycling Union, to hold the road race from Llangollen finishing in Wolverhampton’s West Park in June 1942.

Local cycling officials in the region are trying to persuade Birmingham 2022 to design a course including Wolverhampton City Centre, Wightwick Manor, Himley House, Dudley Castle, The Black Country Living Museum in addition to Bridgnorth and countryside of the Severn Valley.

A petition signed by more than 5,000 people failed to persuade Birmingham 2022 to change their plans and build a new velodrome in the Black Country rather than host the event 130 miles away at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Horsfield Competes in UCI Under 23 World Cup

Robin Horsfield competed in the UCI Under 23 World Cup at Mont Saint Anne, Quebec.

Horsfield took to the line with 59 competitors, including two continental champions and six national champions, Horsfield was one of only seven 18 year old athletes participating.

Fifteen nations were represented on the line with riders from all continents.

Horsfield was in 25th position after the first lap of the race before eventually falling to a 53rd place.

"Robin can take great confidence from this, his first World Cup entry," said coach Mark Brown. "He demonstrated today that he is able to mix it up with the world's best on a technical and speed level. He'll take this off season to build more strength and endurance so that he can keep that same speed for a longer race period. This was an extremely positive first step on to the world stage. There is no level of competition above this and the technical demands of this course challenged even the world champions present here today."

Horsfield currently rides for the Hardwood-Centurion Racing Team in Ontario.
Sunday, August 12, 2018
Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships Day Two

The XL Catlin Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships came to an end in Devonshire with a Road Race that saw Bermuda Cyclist collect 5 Medals on the day.

Bermuda Cyclist once again won all three categories, Matthew Oliveira won the Junior 17/18 race, with Nicholas Narraway claiming the Juvenile 15/16 title and Allysa Rowse won the Junior Women’s race.

Ziani Burgesson as also on the podium when he finished 3rd in the Juvenile 15/16 Division, while Kaden Hopkins finished 3rd in the Junior 17/18 Division.

Junior Women

1:34:37 Alyssa Rowse - Bermuda

1:39:48 Llori Sharpe - Jamaica
1:50:39 Kaylyn Gillett - Belize
1:52:00 Silviene Gonzalez - Aruba
DNF 24 Taralee Ordonez - Belize

Juvenile Men

1:39:18 Nicholas Narraway - Bermuda

1:46:52 Emmanuel Ortiz - Puerto Rico
1:46:52 Ziani Burgesson - Bermuda
1:46:53 Javier Matos - Puerto Rico
1:46:53 Alexander Miller - Bermuda
1:46:53 Joshua Krozendijk - Aruba
1:46:53 Josué Alemán - Puerto Rico
1:46:53 Tarique Woods - Trinidad & Tobago
1:46:55 Cailan Fleming - Anguilla
1:47:04 Deathony Niles - Anguilla
1:57:01 Jobian Rivera - Puerto Rico
1:43:53 Nazarai Fox - Bermuda - 1 Lap
1:50:32 Malik Reid - Jamaica - 1 Lap
DNF Nicolas Carbon - Anguilla
DNF Vernon Hill - St. Martin

Junior Men

2:03:58 Matthew Oliveira – Bermuda

2:04:01 Abner Gonzalez - Puerto Rico
2:05:14 Kaden Hopkins - Bermuda
2:16:11 Enrique De Comarmond - Trinidad & Tobago
2:16:13 Kyle Gill - Barbados
2:17:09 Alexander Pilgrim - Bermuda
2:17:14 Akeem Kock - Aruba
2:17:16 Imru Maduro - Aruba
2:17:16 Gian Lino - Belize
2:17:21 Kiany Noel - St. Martin
2:17:21 Briton John - Guyana
2:25:04 Anthony Wilson - Aruba
2:25:25 Nathanael Robles - Puerto Rico
2:26:01 Tevin Chaplin - Belize
2:27:07 Stephen McCalla - Jamaica
2:31:07 Kenrick Cozier - St. Martin
2:20:35 Jacob Guadelupe - Puerto Rico - 1 Lap
1:15:39 Bruce Quacy - Jamaica - 4 Laps
1:21:54 Patrick Williams - Belize - 4 Laps
1:04:02 Nicholas Giles Joshua Weaver - Cayman Islands - 5 Laps

Saturday, August 11, 2018
Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships Day One

The XL Catlin Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships got underway in the East End with a Time Trial.

Bermuda Cyclist won all three categories, Kaden Hopkins won the Junior 17/18 race, with Nicholas Narraway claiming the Juvenile 15/16 title and Allysa Rowse won the Junior Women’s race.

Ziani Burgesson just missing podium when he finished 4th in the Juvenile 15/16 Division, while Matthew Olivia Did Not Finish due to mechanical competing in the Junior 17/18 Division.

Junior Women

15:57.0 Alyssa Rowse - Bermuda

17:22.0 Taralee Ordonez - Belize
17:23.9 Silviene Gonzalez - Aruba
18:08.6 Llori Sharpe - Jamaica
18:30.8 Kaylyn Gillett - Belize

Juvenile Men

14:18.7 Nicholas Narraway - Bermuda

14:43.3 Josué Alemán - Puerto Rico
14:47.4 Joshua Krozendijk - Aruba
15:01.1 Ziani Burgesson - Bermuda
15:35 Tarique Woods - Trinidad and Tobago
15:36.4 Javier Matos - Puerto Rico
18:52.9 Malik Reid - Jamaica

Junior Men

26:16.1 Kaden Hopkins - Bermuda

27:44.4 Abner Gonzalez - Puerto Rico
27:46.9 Enrique De Comarmond - Trinidad and Tobago
28:47.5 Kyle Gill - Barbados
28:49.6 Ruson Gonzalez - Aruba
29:27.4 Briton John - Guyana
29:36.7 Reegel Winklaar - Aruba
30:53.6 Gian Lino - Belize
31:49.5 Kenrick Cozier - St. Martin
32:12.2 Stephen McCalla - Jamaica
34:02.8 Tevin Chaplin - Belize
35:31.7 Bruce Quacy - Jamaica
13:34.1 Nicholas Giles Joshua Weaver - Cayman Islands
DNF Matthew Oliveira Bermuda
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