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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday Night Sailing Race 3 Round-Up

The 2022 Wednesday Night Sailing Series is underway, with racing starting off the Hamilton Princess.

Nasty Medicine was the first boat to cross the line on race day three clocking a time of 56:14, with their corrected time of 1:01:41 still saw them finish first on the night.

The second boat to cross the line on the night was Crossfire with a time of 58:08, but their corrected time of 1:04:07 saw them finish 4th on the night.

Scatteraction was the third boat on the night to cross the line with an elapsed time of 1:06:28, but their corrected time of 1:02:54 saw them finish second on the night, finishing third on the night was Airforce who clocked an elapsed time of 1:07:36, but they had a corrected time of 1:03:58.

Rounding out the top five finishers on the night was Windfire who had an elapsed time of 1:08:27, but a corrected time of 1:04:47.

Wednesday Night Sailing Race Three Results

1:01:41 Nasty Medicine Co

1:02:54 Scatteraction
1:03:58 Airforce
1:04:07 Crossfire
1:04:47 Windfire
1:04:56 Back in Black
1:05:41 Tiberon
1:05:45 Passion
1:05:46 Elusive
1:07:30 Menace
1:08:02 RS-21 (3)
1:08:14 Shogun
1:08:30 RS-21(2)
1:08:48 BGC
1:08:56 Lix
1:09:14 Man O War
1:09:28 Jitterbug
1:09:39 RS-21 (4)
1:09:46 Markel
1:11:36 Bull Shot Harbor
1:12:27 Cyclone Farr
1:16:36 RS-21 (5)
1:21:28 Severn Luders
RET Gumpshon
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