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Thursday, July 27, 2017
MCC Advisor States Cann Should Not Be Given Out

Lionel Cann has sought to get an answer to why he was given out on Saturday during the Eastern County Cup Match between St. David’s Cricket Club and Bailey’s Bay at Lord’s in St. David’s.

The incident came with St. David’s Cricket Club 86/4, when Cann was bowled, but the umpire called a No Ball, while Cann went through the motion of playing the shot he should have played he walked out of his crease, with Bailey’s Bay wicketkeeper Sinclair Smith pulling out the stump, after a lengthy discussion between the umpires Cann was given out Run Out.

Cann went as far as contacting Jonny Singer who is the Laws of Cricket Advisor to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), who after watching the video supplied by www.islandstats.com he came to the following conclusion:

Dear Mr Cann,
Thank you very much for the question you sent in, with the video.
As the video explains, the ball is certainly not dead on the call of No ball, nor is it dead when the ball initially puts down the wicket. When the ball is in the wicket-keeper’s hands, it is for the bowler’s end umpire to determine whether the ball has finally settled.

Although the action of the umpire – who turned to signal the No ball to the scorers – would suggest that he thought the ball was dead, (in accordance with Laws 2.14 (ii) and 23.2), even if it were not dead, a batsman cannot be given out Stumped from a No ball. For a batsman to be out Stumped, as opposed to Run out, he must not be attempting a run (See Law 39.1 (a) (iii)) and there must be no other fielder involved than the wicket-keeper (Law 39.1(a)(iv)).

In addition although either batsman can be Run out off a No ball, the striker cannot be Run out if under Law 38.2(b)(ii):
......No ball has been called
and he is out of his ground not attempting a run
and the wicket is is fairly put down by the wicket keeper without the intervention of another fielder.

All these criteria apply in this situation as a No ball has been delivered, the batsman is clearly not attempting a run and the ball is (eventually) put down by the wicket-keeper, but without the intervention of another fielder,

Thus, I would conclude that this is appeal whether for a Stumping or Run out, should not be given out as the ball bowled was a No ball. I understand that you were the batsman in question, so my sympathies to you over what was clearly an unfortunate dismissal.

Jonny Singer
Laws of Cricket Advisor
Marylebone Cricket Club

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