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Thursday, October 07, 2010
Wushu Championship Update

Team Bermuda in Argentina
Bermuda drew the # 4 slot for the weigh-in order at the 8th Pan American Wushu Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bermuda followed USA, Brazil and Mexico. Sentwali Woolridge was the first to weigh-in and came in 2.2kg over the allowed weight limit of 70kg. This cast doubt over whether the scale being used was accurate as the team had been keeping track of their weight all week. Shannon Ford weighed right at 80kg in the 80kg Division.

Reyel Bowen was the next to weigh-in and came in 1.6kgs over the allowed 85kg for his weight category. This is when the team realized that the digital scale we had been using at a nearby pharmacy was inaccurate. The team could only hope that the remainder of the athletes were far enough under their required weight to make the cut-off.

Jermal Woolridge weighed in at 100.3kg in the 90kg+ category. Female fighter Talia Iris weighed in at 55.7 to make the required 56kg. Junior Samir Furqan weighed in at 53.7kg and also made the required weight of 56kg.

Woolridge and Bowen were allowed one hour to make the required weight as stated by the rules. They strapped on their sweat suits and did some running and entered the sauna and made the required weight within the hour. Woolridge weighed in at 70.2 kg and Bowen weighed in at 84.5 kgs. Wooridge was actually .2kg over the allowable 70kg however it was stated before the start of the weigh-in that they would allow .2kg over the weight limit. At the end of the day a big relief for the Bermuda team.

The drawing lots for the Taolu Chang Quan (Long Fist forms) took place and Garon Wilkinson drew the number 18 slot out of 31 athletes in the division.

The san shou fighters are due to begin competing on Friday and Wilkinson is due to compete on Saturday.
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