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Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Bermuda In CONCACAF Nations League Draw Live

BFA & CONCACAF Presidents
The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Nations League Qualifying Draw is underway.

Bermuda have drawn Aruba, Saint Matrin and the Dominican Republic in their CONCACAF Nation League Group Stage.

Bermuda will play their first match away from home against Aruba in the September FIFA Window.

Bermuda will then host back to back games in October and November at the National Sports Center against Saint Martin and El Salvador, in October and November.

Bermuda will close out the Group Stage with an away match against the Dominican Republic in March of 2019.

The matchups for the qualifying phase of Concacaf Nations League are as follows:

Match Window One (September 2018)

1: Saint Kitts and Nevis vs. Puerto Rico
2: Martinique vs. British Virgin Islands
3: U.S. Virgin Islands vs. Canada
4: Anguilla vs. French Guiana
5: Aruba vs. Bermuda
6: Dominica vs. Suriname
7: Antigua and Barbuda vs. Saint Lucia
8: Jamaica vs. Cayman Islands
9: Cuba vs. Turks and Caicos Islands
10: Curacao vs. Grenada
11: Montserrat vs. El Salvador
12: Bonaire vs. Dominican Republic
13: San Martin vs. Guadeloupe
14: Haiti vs. Sint Marten
15: Guyana vs. Barbados
16: Belize vs. Bahamas
17: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines vs. Nicaragua

Match Window Two (October 2018)

18: Turks and Caicos Islands vs. Guyana
19: El Salvador vs. Barbados
20: Bermuda vs. Sint Marten
21: Dominican Republic vs. Cayman Islands
22: Saint Lucia vs. Haiti
23: Nicaragua vs. Anguilla
24: Suriname vs. British Virgin Islands
25: Bahamas vs. Antigua and Barbuda
26: Montserrat vs. Belize
27: Guadeloupe vs. Aruba
28: Puerto Rico vs. Martinique
29: Grenada vs. Cuba
30: Canada vs. Dominica
31: San Martin vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis
32: U.S. Virgin Islands vs. Curacao
33: French Guiana vs. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
34: Bonaire vs. Jamaica

Match Window Three (November 2018)

35: Grenada vs. San Martin
36: Turks and Caicos Islands vs. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
37: French Guiana vs. Guyana
38: British Virgin Islands vs. Bonaire
39: Saint Kitts and Nevis vs. Canada
40: Cuba vs. Dominican Republic
41: Nicaragua vs. Haiti
42: Bahamas vs. Anguilla
43: Barbados vs. U.S. Virgin Islands
44: Sint Maarten vs. Dominica
45: Curacao vs. Gaudeloupe
46: Jamaica vs. Suriname
47: Aruba vs. Montserrat
48: Cayman Islands vs. Saint Lucia
49: Martinique vs. Antigua and Barbuda
50: Bermuda vs. El Salvador
51: Belize vs. Puerto Rico

Match Window Four (March 2019)

52: Canada vs. French Guiana
53: Antigua and Barbuda vs. Curacao
54: Dominican Republic vs. Bermuda
55: Haiti vs. Cuba
56: Barbados vs. Nicaragua
57: San Martin vs. Sint Maarten
58: Cayman Islands vs. Montserrat
59: Suriname vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis
60: Saint Lucia vs. Aruba
61: Puerto Rico vs. Grenada
62: Guadeloupe vs. Martinique
63: Dominica vs. Bahamas
64: British Virgin Islands vs. Turks and Caicos Islands
65: Guyana vs. Belize
66: El Salvador vs. Jamaica
67: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines vs. Bonaire
68: Anguilla vs. U.S. Virgin Islands

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