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Equestrian Events
Saturday, October 13, 2018
Bermuda Harness Pony Racing

The 2018/19 Harness Pony Racing season resumed at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

In the first race of the evening Christian Truran in the bike of It’s All About Me won the 1:04&4 and Faster Time Bar Class with a time of 1:04&4, Kiwon Waldron in the bike of Gold-N-Glory finished second clocking a time of 1:05 flat and Andrea Westerfield was third clocking a time of 1:09&2.

The second race of the evening was in the 1:06&3 – 1:08 Flat Time Bar Class, which was won by Kayla Caldwell in the bike of Stay Tuned clocked a winning time of 1:07&2, Candyce Martins was second in a time of 1:07&4 in the bike of Inwoods Progress and Ryan Manders in the bike of A Touch of Red was third in 1:08&3.

In the third race of the evening Rockeyed Optimist with Dylan DeSilva in the bike won the 1:11&4 and Slower Time Bar Class with a time of 1:17&3, Andy Stoneham in the bike of Wiggle It Jiggle It was second in 1:20 flat and with a time of 1:23 flat Kiwon Waldron in the bike of Special Tux was third.

David Burrows Jr in the bike of Reign of Terror led from start to finish winning the 1:08&1 – 1:11&3 Time Bar Class clocking a time of 1:10&2, Kool the Fire with Tahzi Flood in the bike was second in 1:12&3, Iron Mike with Candyce Martins was third in a time of 1:12&4 and Maurice Raynor in the bike of Catch Me If You Can was 4th in a time of 1:13&4.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Amos Wins Two FEI Test Classes

Young dressage rider Kelsey Amos has recently achieved commendable success in overseas dressage events.

After qualifying Queen’s Faithfully, a 12-year-old Morgan mare owned by Tyla Cummiskey, Amos travelled with Pamela Maloof of Faith Hill Farm, to compete in the USDF Regional 8 Championships held in Saugerties New York.

Amos placed 4th in both First & Second Level championships with scores of 67.35% & 62.50% respectively.

Amos also placed 2nd in the Dressage Seat Equitation 14 – 18 Age Group, thereby qualifying her to compete in the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals to be held in Illinois during the summer of 2019.

Thereafter, Amos travelled to the prestigious Dressage at Devon to compete in her first CDI competition. Riding Queen’s Faithfully,

Amos secured 1st place in the FEI Children’s Team test with a score of 63.84% and 1st place FEI Children’s Individual test with a score of 63.69% .

In addition, Amos was a recipient of the USDF Youth Dressage Rider Recognition Pin Program.
Monday, October 08, 2018
Madeiros Helps Berry Finish Second

Lizzy Madeiros and her Berry College Equestrian teammates traveled to Wills Park to Kick Off Season at Kennesaw State University.

Madeiros and her teammates finished second out of 15 teams.

Madeiros competed in the Novice Flat Class and she finished 2nd.
Saturday, October 06, 2018
Harness Pony Racing Season Underway
The 2018/19 Harness Pony Racing season got underway at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

Christian Truran in the bike of Itsallabouttime, won Heat 12 which was the 1:04/0 & Faster Time Bar Class clocking a time of 1:05&1, Darico Clarke and Cherokee’s Ironman was second with a time of 1:05&3, Candyce Martins and Google Me was third clocking 1:06&3 and Andrea Westerfield in the bike of Reel Patrol was fourth stopping the clock in 1:06&4.

David Burrows Jr won Heat 4 in the bike of Reign of Terror, they clocked a winning time of 1:11&3 during the 1:08&3 – 1:11&3 Time Bar Class, Maurice Raynor and Catch Me If you Can was second in 1:12&1 and Candyce Martins in the bike of Iron Mike was third in 1:13&1.

Heat 9 which was the 1:06&3 – 1:08 Time Bar Class was won by Robert Lopes in the bike of Inwood’s Realist, while Ryan Manders in the bike of A Touch of Red was second clocking 1:11 flat.

The 1:04&0 & Faster Time Bar Class Heat 1 was won by Philip Correia in the bike of Simsfield Hardtimes with a time of 1:04&2, Andrea Westerfield and Custard the Dragon was second in 1:04&3, Pocket De Gold with Christian Truran in the bike was third in 1:04&4 and Kiwon Waldron in the bike of Gold-N-Glory finished 4th with a time of 1:05 flat.
Tuesday, October 02, 2018
Terceira & Lopes Conclude Competing in Belgium

Tyler Lopes & Amarulla
Jillian Terceira and Tyler Lopes concluded competing in their Final Outdoor competition for 2018, taking to the ring for the Hippisch Centrum C&M Bonheiden Autumn Tour Event in Belgium.

In a field of 46 competitors Lopes finished 21st in the 1.20m CSI1* Table A Class, riding Amarulla the pair clocked a time of 71.93, but they had 4 Penalty Fault Points.

Terceira and Iluna Di Cantero finished 85th competing in the 1.35m CSI2* in Two Phases Class, they recorded a time of 46.19, but they had 8 Penalty Fault Points.
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