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Thursday, November 10, 2016
Roy Allan Burch Speaks of Early Coaching Days

Bermuda Olympian Roy Allan Burch has now a few weeks under his belt as Lake Norman Charter School Head Swim Coach.

We decided to ask Burch a few questions:

Q. Now that you have had a week or so training the Lake Norman Charter School Swim team, what are your early thoughts about expectations for the season?

A. The season as a whole I expect to be successful and Iím taking many different measures to make sure everyone is able to be successful within the program. I no longer like to measure success with just wins and loses as its one dimensional and rarely measures the totality of athlete.

Q. With only about a week to go before your first competition, what are some of the things you will be asking the swimmers to work on in preparation for the meet?

A. Iím going to challenge them in different ways and do my best to prepare them for competition. The first competition will be an excellent measure of what has worked and what I will need to implement to go forth.

Q. With the challenge of qualification times for major festivalís how important is it that young swimmers concentrate on the details in order to become world class?

A. This is a foundation for my swimmers to become world class students. We don't have the kind of time in and out of the water to fully develop a world class swimmer but the interest can be developed. I can help them understand their relationship with the water and cultivate their strengths by eliminating some weaknesses

I find myself harping on effort, concentration and integrity of their details. Their effort during the workout is most important. With strong work ethic in training I can take them into race mode and release them of the fear to race. I can remind them of what they have done and what they are capable of. It then translates to a good evaluation and in turn making more progress.

Q. From your experiences in the sport both good and bad, what message have you in your short time at Lake Norman Charter School been able to get across to the students?

A. I can identify very well with these student/ athletes. I was told many things before walking on deck and working with them. I freed myself of that as I would not want to be judged before I am met. I wanted to give them a fresh start with their swimming and in turn it gives me a fresh start in what I can expect from them. That allows me to hold them accountable for their results and they can hold themselves accountable.
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