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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Golfer Takes Aim at Bermuda's Covid Policy

The Butterfield Bermuda Championships has taken center stage online as Charlie Beljan took to Twitter.

Beljan wrote, “Today I was forced to withdraw from @PGATOUR event in Bermuda because I didn’t take the jab. This is not the tour’s policy but it is Bermuda’s. The tour has done an amazing job through this hoax.”

He goes on to write, “F**k Bermuda and all you Nazis pushing this agenda.”

However not everyone has agreed with Beljan, OBA Member of Parliament Michael Dunkley replied, “Pro, disappointing you feel this way and took to twitter to slang our Covid policy. Our border policies have helped keep us safe through Covid. While you do not agree, the facts show the vaccine has helped protect people! Even @POTUS will introduce a #vax policy for travelers.”

PGATruth wrote, “If you think getting an FDA approved vaccine means you’re bowing to Nazis, you’ve got some serious issues. I bet the event is really gonna miss the 2000+ ranked player in the world.”

Scott Kagarice posted, “Nobody is forcing you to do anything. You have a choice. You either get vaccinated or you don't get to play in this event. You made your choice. Move on and don't call people Nazis.”

Josh posted, “No, you weren't forced to withdraw. You had the option to arrive on Island 14 days prior and complete the quarantine at your own expense due to not being vaccinated. You chose not to. That's not on Bermuda or the PGATOUR, that's on you mate.

Dwayne Caines said, “Your comments are disrespectful to Bermuda and no matter what your views on the jab are, you should always carry yourself with class and dignity I am curious if your fellow golfers and or the PGA tour will come out against your Xenophobic comments.”
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