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Sunday, November 18, 2018
Bacardi 8K Road Race Round Up

Dennis Mbelenzi
Dennis Mbelenzi and Rose-Anna Hoey are the 2018 Male and Female Bacardi 8K Road Race & Walk Male and Female Champions.

Mbelenzi has made it three wins in a row after he crossed the line in a time of 28:29, Tim Price was second in 29:02 and Chris Harris was third in 29:32.

Hoey crossed the line in a time of 32:39 which saw finish 11th overall, Deon Breary was the second female finisher and 14th overall clocking 32:56 and Karen Smith rounded out the podium when she crossed the line 20th overall and the third female in 33:50.

Bacardi 8K Road Race Top 100 Finishers

28:29:00 Dennis Mbelenzi

29:02:00 Tim Price
29:32:00 Christopher Harris
29:39:00 Neil De Ste Croix
29:54:00 Moses Mufandaedza
31:05:00 Dominique Mayho
31:10:00 Colin Long
31:33:00 Alan Potts
31:36:00 Glen Wilks
32:39:00 Rose-Anna Hoey
32:40:00 Allan Fox
32:52:00 James Roberts
32:56:00 Deon Breary
32:56:00 Alexander Winfield
33:13:00 Dustin Luck
33:18:00 Alexander Bates
33:27:00 Neil Burt
33:30:00 Kanaz Tuzo
33:50:00 Karen Smith
33:56:00 Steven Smith
34:08:00 Martina Olcheski-Bell
34:10:00 David Gazzard
34:47:00 Charlie Withers-Clarke
35:13:00 Geoffrey Blee
35:20:00 David McHugh
35:25:00 Peter Tobin
35:27:00 christopher Hands
35:28:00 Darin Cassidy
35:30:00 Ryan Gibbons
35:34:00 Kristen Robinson
35:43:00 Anton Doloricon
35:44:00 William Sura
35:48:00 Leith Raw
35:55:00 Hadleigh Farrer
35:56:00 Vivienne Lochhead
36:00:00 Patrick Graham
36:02:00 Lucy Ching
36:22:00 Sarah Thompson
36:23:00 vaughan van oudtshoorn
36:24:00 Evan Faulkenberry
36:24:00 Neil Halliday
36:34:00 Clifford Roberts
36:38:00 Patrick Furlong
36:45:00 Colm Homan
36:50:00 Frederick Steede
37:01:00 Stepanka Sprincova
37:14:00 Neil Lupsic
37:15:00 Allison Petty
37:35:00 Damian Cooper
37:51:00 Scott Neil
37:55:00 rolondo wilson
37:58:00 Anna Laura Hocking
38:01:00 Laura Knox-Clingerman
38:10:00 Jonathan Reiss
38:30:00 Mike Gutteridge
38:31:00 Georgia Wharton
38:33:00 Anthony Fellowes
38:39:00 Alexandra Mellor
38:41:00 Christopher Ford
38:49:00 Calvin Steede
39:02:00 Anthony Prentice
39:09:00 Dianna White
39:16:00 Zachary Clammer
39:21:00 Dylan Marshall
39:28:00 Cathleen Brown
39:30:00 Shannon Kelly
39:35:00 Emma Norman
39:36:00 Steven Ortiz
39:38:00 William DeSilva Jr
39:41:00 Anonymous Participant
39:42:00 Ian Davies
39:42:00 Rachael Ward
39:46:00 Steven Pegg
39:53:00 Andrew McComb
39:55:00 Robin Holder
39:56:00 Ryan Spencer-Arscott
40:02:00 Christiana Halliday
40:14:00 Elizabeth Harris
40:17:00 Chris Mills
40:24:00 Sophie Miller
40:26:00 Christopher Jones
40:29:00 Matthew Viney
40:39:00 Sharon Craig
40:42:00 Nicole Andreasen
40:42:00 Phil Martin
40:46:00 Gavin O'Connor
40:58:00 Duchelle Atkins
40:59:00 Michael Henebrey
41:02:00 Brian McGonagle
41:05:00 Javier Otamendi
41:07:00 Bruce A Sinclair
41:09:00 Alejandra Castano
41:11:00 Yuko Ebata
41:13:00 Gerhard Boonstra
41:15:00 Ben Adamson
41:19:00 Milan Oleksak
41:21:00 Sergio Edness
41:35:00 Karyn Shapiro
41:52:00 Jose Andrade
Sunday, November 11, 2018
AXA Man on the Run 2018 Round Up

Dennis Mbelenzi ran to victory in the 2018 AXA Man on the Run that started and finished at the Warwick Academy Grounds.

Mbelenzi clocked a time of 17:21, with Teddy Shum finishing second in 17:50 and Tommy Marshall finished third in 18:11.

Finishing fourth was Neil De Ste Croix who was clocked at 18:19, Colin Long was fifth with a time of 18:23.

Dominique Mayho crossed the line 6th stopping the clock in 18:42, Daniel Maguire the seventh runner to cross the line with a time of 18:46.

Click Here to see the Full 2018 Bermuda National Athletics Associationís AXA Man on the Run 5K Results

Saturday, November 10, 2018
BNAA Cross Country Astwood Park Round Up

The Bermuda National Athletics Association hosted their latest Cross Country Meet at Astwood Park with Karen Smith running to victory in the Women 50-59 Age Group Division that covered 3 Miles, Smith was clocked across the line at 19:34.69, Mairi Redmond was second in 23:51.37 and Jennie Kelly finished third with a time of 26:23.80.

Ryan Outerbridge kept up his winning ways in the 14-16 Menís Age Group 3 Mile Run clocking 16:18.77, Khazi Sealey was second in 17:20.33 and Iziah Tucker finished third with a time of 17:40.34.

The Womenís 40-49 Age Group 3 Mile Run was won by Deanna Didyk who recorded a time of 26:16.46, Charmaine Thomas was second in 27:20.70 and Kemda Bean finished third with a time of 37:00.99.

Spencer Butterfield won the Menís 20-39 Age Group 4 Mile Run clocking 22:33.73, Teddy Shum was second in a time of 23:19.36 and William Green finished third clocking 26:25.08.

Click Here to see the Full 2018 Bermuda National Athletics Associationís Astwood Park Cross Country Results
Thursday, November 08, 2018
Current BNAA Cross Country Top Three Finishers
The next Bermuda National Athletics Association Cross Country event will be held Saturday November 10th at Astwood Park starting at 8:30am, this event will be hosted by Flyers Track Club.

Donna Raynor the Bermuda National Athletics Association President said, ďThe participation for the last 3 events has been excellent and we are looking forward to the same this weekend. ď

ďAs we will have 1 more event left before the Championships we will be soon identifying the winners in each Age Group,Ē concluded Raynor.

BNAA 2018 Cross Country Standings Top Three in each Division

Under 10 Girls 1.1 Mile

27 Amaris Munya

14 Kelise Wade
12 Aaliyah Berkeley

Under 12 Girls 1.1 Mile

25 Jaeda Grant

12 Legend Stevenson
11 Carina Bortoli
11 Zahriah Outerbridge
11 Kemauri Darrell

Under 14 Girls 2 Miles

25 Shayla Cann

13 Zylah Bean
12 Malikah Tankard

Under 17 Girls 3 Miles

16 Marion Chevereau

10 Brianna Mawer
09 Kayla Raymond
09 Jessie Marshall

Under 20 Girls 3 Miles

18 Ariel Taylor

09 Macy Aicardi
07 Jaylynn Hines

Open 3 Miles

15 Dalila Monterrosa

09 Martin Wolffe
09 Gayle Lindsay

Master 3 Miles

18 Deanna Didyk

18 Lauire Orchard
14 Jennifer Wilson

Senior Masters 3 Miles

18 Victoria Fiddick

16 Mairi Redmond
06 Susan Jackson

60+ 3 Miles

21 Edwina Arorash

15 Florence Sharpe
12 Madge Oliver

Under 10 Boys 1.1 Mile

18 Maximilian Kimberley

16 Luca Bortoli
14 Jasper Lau

Under 12 Boys 1.1 Mile

16 Jace Donawa

15 Tajahri Rogers
14 Masaki Kitade

Under 14 Boys 2 Miles

22 Jayson Simons

18 Jauza James
17 Eoghan Homan

Under 17 Boys 3 Miles

27 Ryan Outerbridge

16 Iziah Tucker
14 Tommy Marshall

Under 20 Boys 3 Miles

27 Johndell Cumberbatch

07 Mikal Dill
06 Deno Brangman

Open Menís 4.5 Miles

19 Nathan Trott

18 Teddy Shum
07 Andrew Simons

Master 3 Miles

16 Damian Gold

16 Omari Hart
13 Steven Smith

Senior Masters 3 Miles

23 Twilton Hardtman

15 Sean Kelly
12 David Brown

60+ Menís 3 Miles

18 Eddy Fisher

70+ Menís 3 Miles

25 Michael Whalley

16 Mike Rickards
07 Robert Oliver
Thursday, November 08, 2018
Simons Leads Morehouse to Cross Country Championships
Led by Trey Simons Morehouse College Menís Cross Country team completed the three-peat at the 2018 SIAC Cross Country Championships, while capturing their 23rd championship in 25 years.

Morehouse and Benedict College finished tied with 48 points, but Morehouse won the tie-breaker with their fifth runner finished ahead of BC's runner.

Head coach Willie Hill was named the 2018 SIAC Men's Cross Country Coach of the Year.

Senior Simons was Morehouse's top-finisher with a 2nd place finish and a time of 25:40.08 while junior Collins Kiplimo joined his teammate in the top-10 as he crossed the line in fifth place with a time of 27:02.12.

Sophomore Randy Carter, Jr. finished in 11th (28:09.02), freshman Nicholas Kipsang, came in 14th (28:56.25), junior Qaseem Wajd crossed the line in 16th place (29:13.74), while sophomores Devin Hawkins and Dobbin Bookman finished 24th and 25th respectively.

Central State's Raymond Korir was the individual winner with a time of 25:06.36.
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