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Sunday, February 07, 2016
Butterfield & Vallis 5K Round Up

Chayce Smith and Jennifer Alen are the 2016 Butterfield and Vallis 5K Male and Female Champions, while Ryan Outerbridge and Jade Johnston are the Junior Male and Female Champions.

Smith clocked a winning time of 16:36 holding off a strong challenge from the 2nd place finisher Stephen Allen who clocked 16:40, finishing third was Christopher Hands who crossed the line in a time of 17:28, Jose Miranda was 4th with a time of 17:41 and Ryan Wilson rounded out the top five finishers with a time of 17:46.

Alen finished 9th overall clocking a time of 19:12, finishing 12th overall was the second female finisher Deon Breary with a time of 19:37, Gayle Lindsay was 14th overall and the third female finisher with a time of 19:56, while Teresa Humphrey was the fourth female finisher and 27th overall with a time of 21:02 and Victoria Fiddick was the fifth female finisher two spots back with a time of 21:10.

Outerbridge won the Junior race with a time of 9:17, Iziah Tucker finished second clocking 9:21 and Sancho Smith rounded out the Junior Male podium with a time of 9:54.

Johnston was ninth across the line with a time of 10:45, Jessie Marshall was the second female finisher and 12th overall with a time of 10:49 and Brianna Mawer was the third female finisher and 20th overall with a time of 11:33.

Butterfield and Vallis Junior Top Adult Finishers

16:36 Chayce Smith

16:40 Stephen Allen
17:28 Christopher Hands
17:41 Jose Miranda
17:46 Ryan Wilson
18:23 Jamie Fraser
18:53 Sam Boaden
18:56 Allan Fox
19:12 Jennifer Alen
19:18 Neil De Ste Croix
19:22 Justin Brenden
19:37 Deon Breary
19:42 Neil Burt
19:56 Gayle Lindsay
19:56 Jason Williams
20:00 Trevor Lindsay
20:00 Jamai Lottimore
20:08 David Gazzard
20:29 Dylan Marshall
20:32 Bron Turner

Butterfield and Vallis Junior Top 20 Finishers

9:17 Ryan Outerbridge

9:21 Iziah Tucker
9:54 Sancho Smith
10:00 Kahzi Sealey
10:03 Tommy Marshall
10:21 Josiah King
10:34 Andrew DaSilva
10:37 Yari Tucker
10:45 Jade Johnston
10:46 Nazye Matthie
10:48 Jahlonte Maynard
10:49 Jessie Marshall
11:01 Kevon Douglas
11:04 Jared Lines
11:13 Keshon Paynter
11:13 Seth Hardtman
11:15 J'Kai Berkeley
11:27 Jalen Fox
11:30 Sekai Tatem
11:33 Brianna Mawer

Click Here to see the Full 2016 Butterfield and Vallis Results

Thursday, February 04, 2016
BSSF Primary School Cross Country Round Up

The Bermuda School Sports Federation hosted the Primary School Cross Country Championships that started inside the National Sports Center and saw the youngsters head out into the Arboretum and back.

Purvis Primary student Sínya Cumbermack race to victory in the Under 9 Girls race, with Grace Rothwell from Saltus Grammar finishing in second and Violet Clarke finished third.

Malachi Belboda won the Under 9 Boys race representing Somersfield Academy, Jace Donawa from West End Primary finished second and Zaedyn Philpott from Harrington Sound Primary finished third.

In the Over Nine Girls race Jasmin Hasselkuss from Somersfield crossed the line first, with Shayla Cann from Warwick Academy second and Anna Marcotte rounding out the podium.

In the Over 9 Boys Division, Paris Mitchell Robinson crossed the line first representing Elliot Primary, while Nijain Thomas from West End finished second and Jake Brislane from Saltus was third.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
BSSF Senior School Cross Country Round Up

The Bermuda School Sports Federation held their Senior School Cross Country Championships at the Arboretum.

Quincy Kuzyk from Somersfield Academy and Lynsey Palmer from the Saltus Grammar School were the Under 16 Male and Female Individual Champions, while Tyler Smith from Bermuda High School and Haley Sullivan from Saltus Grammar were crowned the Over 16 Male and Female Champions.

In the team event the Under 16 Girls title was won by Saltus Grammar School with 25 points, while Bermuda High School finished second with 44 points and Somersfield Academy were third with 71 points.

Saltus Grammar School also won the Under 16 Boys team event with 33 points, Warwick Academy finished second with 60 points and CedarBridge Academy was third with 92 points.
The Over 16 Girls team race was won by the Berkeley Institute with 52 points, they edged out Warwick Academy who had 53 points and Saltus Grammar School finished third with 57 points.

Saltus captured the Over 16 Male team championship with 40 points, while Warwick Academy finished second with 49 points and CedarBridge Academy finished third with 71 points.

Under 16 Girls Top 5 Finishers

13:25.77 Lynsey Palmer - Saltus Grammar School

14:15.91 Gianna Webbe - Warwick Academy
14.16.60 Laura Hope - Saltus Grammar
14:50.00 Mikaela Outerbridge - Bermuda High School
15:20.43 Celia Harris - Bermuda high School

Under 16 Boys Top 5 Finishers

11:20.23 Quincy Kuzyk - Somersfield Academy

11:43.74 Johndelle Cumberbatch - Saltus Grammar School
11:51.28 Kaden Hopkins - Saltus Grammar School
12:10.89 Cameron De. Ste. Croix - Saltus Grammar School
12:22.05 Zebedee Wakeley - Warwick Academy

Over 16 Girls Top 5 Finishers

14:23.91 Haley Sullivan - Saltus Grammar

14:26.53 Anna Gilliat - Warwick Academy
14:27.14 Brianna Mendes - Bermuda High School
15:00.83 Maddy Moore - Warwick Academy
15:36.25 Zahra Wilson - Berkeley Institute

Over 16 Boys Top 5 Finishers

15:23.39 Tyler Smith - Bermuda High School

15:40.74 Max De. Ste. Croix - Saltus Grammar
17:03.59 Nathan Rego - CedarBridge
17:07.49 Akeem Johnston - Berkeley Institute
17:08.54 Matthew Olivier - Warwick Academy

Tuesday, February 02, 2016
BSSF Middle School Cross Country Round Up

The Bermuda School Sports Federation held the Middle School Sports Cross Country Championships at the Arboretum.

Selah Tuzo from Saltus Grammar School, Nicholas Pilgrim from Warwick Academy where crowned the Under 13 Middle School Female and male Champions, while Holly Bruton from Warwick Academy and Ryan Outerbridge from the Clearwater Middle School are the Over 13 Female and Male Champions.

Taking the overall school title was Saltus Grammar School with 33 points, while Bermuda High School finished second with 55 points and Somersfield Academy finished third with 82 points.

In the Under 13 Boyís Division Saltus Grammar School took the top honors with 58 points, while Warwick Academy finished second with 62 points and the Whitney Institute finished third with 79 points.

The Over 13 Girls Division was won by Warwick Academy with 43 points, Saltus Grammar finished second with 54 points and Bermuda High School finished third with 89 points.

Running a very strategic race the Over 13 Boys race Whitney Institute took the team line honors with 23 points, while Clearwater finished second with 75 points and Saltus finished third with 84 points.

UNDER 13 GIRLS Top 5 Finishers

13:07.01 Selah Tuzo Saltus Grammar School

13:55.05 Jade Johnston Saltus Grammar School
13:59.30 Jessica Bruton Warwick Academy
14:25.38 Yasmine Smith Dellwood Middle School
14:32.75 Zoe Hasselkuss Somersfield Academy

UNDER 13 BOYS Top 5 Finishers

12:01.85 Nicholas Pilgrim Warwick Academy

12:21.82 Nirobi Smith Mills Saltus Grammar
12:26.56 Sancho Smith T.N.Tatem Middle School
12:35.74 Tommy Marshall Saltus Grammar
12:53.73 Seth Hardtman Whitney Institute Middle School

OVER 13 GIRLS Top 5 Finishers

13:28.75 Holly Bruton Warwick Academy

13:54.48 Jessie Marshall Saltus Grammar
15:12.70 Kayla Raymond Mount Saint Agnes
15:23.96 Skylar Powell Bermuda High School
15:30.34 Brianna Mower Warwick Academy

OVER 13 Boys Top 5 Finishers

11:48.22 Ryan Outerbridge Clearwater Middle School

12:13.82 Iziah Tucker Whitney institute
12:32.27 Clevonte Lodge Whitney Institute
12:51.16 Seke Spence Whitney institute
12:56.56 Tyrese Caines Warwick Academy

Sunday, January 31, 2016
Eastern Counties Relay Classic Round Up

Cynthia Millet
The Third Annual Eastern Counties Relay Classic took place with from Lordís in St. Davidís and finished at Flattís Field.

The MAAC Medley team of Rose Anna Hoey, Justin Brenden, Quincy Kuzyk and Victoria Fiddick recorded a winning time of 1:02:42, with the Island Warriors team of Dean Smith, Mark Outerbridge, Jennifer Allen and Cynthia Millet finishing second clocking a time of 1:05:39 and the Rothwell Family of Grace, Craig, Rachael and Martine Rothwell finished third with a time of 1:13:12.

2016 Eastern Counties Relay Classic Results

1:02:42 - MAAC Medley - Rose Anna Hoey, Justin Brenden, Quincy Kuzyk & Victoria Fiddick

1:05:39 - Island Warriors - Dean Smith, Mark Outerbridge, Jennifer Allen & Cynthia Millet
1:13:12 - Rothwell Family - Grace Rothwell, Craig Rothwell, Rachael Rothwell & Martine Rothwell
1:22:45 - Smith Family - Marla Smith, Yannis Williams, Kyle Williams & Amin Smith
1:28:26 - Chin-Gurret Family - Nicky Gurret, Camille Chin-Gurret, Christian Chin-Gurret & Tyrone Chin
1:30:59 - Rum Runners - Rachel Ball, Josh Ball, Jamie Farrell & Adam Farrell
1:42:42 - Flatts Victoria Recreation Club - Sean Loving, Citristof Van Ponder, Wendell White & Logan Phillips
1:46:07 - Swans Pavement Princess - Georgenna Wilson, Ruby Dill, Jen Ince & Richilene Woolridge
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