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Sunday, December 04, 2016
Northshore Medical Centre Turkey Trot Round Up

Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson and Catherine Mello are the 2016 Northshore Medical Centre Turkey Trot male and Female Champions.

Wilson was able to break away from the field clocking a time of 35:35, with Tim Price second in 37:38 and Chefton Hall crossed the time third in 40:32.

Mello was the 11th runner to cross the line recording a time of 43:15, Martina Olcheski-Bell was the second female finisher and 12th across the line in 43:20 and the 14th runner across the line was the third female finisher Tracey Sutherland with a time of 45:05.

Click Here to see the Full 2016 Northshore Medical Centre Turkey Trot Results
Saturday, December 03, 2016
BNAA National Cross Country Championships
The Bermuda National Athletics Association’s National Cross Country Championships took place at the Botanical Gardens.

The event saw some familiar faces and some new ones, it was also disappointment for one. Quincy Kuzyk had won the previous four races in the series, was nursing a hip injury and pulled out of the race in the first lap, while Jay Donawa returned to win the Men’s Masters Division race stopping the clock in 21:46.4, Lamont Marshall ran to victory in the Men’s Open Division with a time of 31:13.0.

Victoria Fiddick won the Senior Women’s Masters Division recording a time of 20:29.8, with Gayle Lindsay taking the Female Open Division stopping the clock at 27:31.0 and Selah Tuzo won the Under 14 Girls Division race with a time of 13:26.3.

Under 10 Girls 2 Miles

15:42.8 Carina Bortoli

16:17.5 Jaeda Grant
16:44.1 Zahriah Outerbridg
17:28.9 Isis Tucker

Under 12 Girls 2 Miles

13:34.9 Jasmin Hasselkuss

14:01.8 Ramiah Brangman
14:35.5 Katherine Bean-Ros
15:12.4 Myeisha Sharrieff
15:19.0 A'Mya Harvey
15:59.8 Malikah Tankard
16:14.6 Olivia Heffernan
19:31.0 Lindsay Mawer

Under 10 Boys 2 Miles

13:06.4 Elijah Bean

13:10.4 Jace Donowa
13:58.0 Khari Sharrieff
14:21.7 Gian Luca Bortoli
14:34.8 Jake Smith
14:50.0 Maximilin Kimberle
15:03.7 Sylon Goater
15:06.5 Lakai Drummond
15:58.6 Max Laurence
16:58.6 Tobiah Goodchild
16:59.6 Jaaziah Van Lowe
18:00.5 Daylen Scott
18:23.4 Lamai Drummond

Under 12 Boys 2 Miles

12:05.5 Jake Brislane

12:45.7 Jayson Simons
13:03.4 Zaedon Stewart
13:04.1 Tajai Goater
13:22.6 Brady Sullivan
14:18.8 Jaelyn Grant
14:49.4 Shaz Gibson
15:19.9 Kaori Trott
16:14.4 Seer Carey
17:00.3 TaeJhun Gibbons
18:25.8 Saj Carey
18:38.8 J'Auza James

Under 14 Girls 2 Miles

13:26.3 Selah Tuzo

13:40.7 Jade Johnston
13:41.8 Jezhari Talbot
14:27.7 Koa GoodChild
15:16.7 Satasia Swann
15:29.0 Zoe Hasselkuss
15:42.2 Kyasia Simmons
23:27.0 Charlice Simms-Jam

Under 17 Girls 3 Miles

19:25.7 Ashley Irby

21:11.9 Jessie Marshall
22:09.6 Mikaela Outerbridge
23:31.2 Brianna Mawer

Under 20 Girls 3 Miles

19:58.4 Brianna Mendes

25:17.1 J'Auna James

Women Open 4 Miles

27:31.0 Gayle Lindsay

Women Master 3 Miles

21:43.1 Alicia Hancock

Women Senior Master

20:29.8 Victoria Fiddick

25:57.0 Jennie Kelly
32:55.7 Carol Griffith
34:26.6 Florence Sharpe

Under 14 Boys

11:26.9 Tommy Marshall

11:40.9 Nirobi Mills
12:50.1 Justice Hammer-Fur
12:56.3 Alexander Southern
13:19.3 Oslo Adamson
13:19.9 Yari Tucker
14:57.8 Enshe-nico Davis

Under 17 Boys

16:57.6 Johndell Cumberbat

17:06.1 Iziah Tucker
17:35.3 Robert Edwards
18:00.5 Ryan Outerbridge
18:29.4 Max De Ste Croix

Men Open 5 Miles

31:13.0 Lamont Marshall

32:02.4 Chefton Hall
34:36.2 Jose Miranda

Men Masters

21:46.4 Jay Donowa

23:47.5 Chris Harris

Men Senior Masters

21:16.4 Scott Neil

22:03.4 Sean Kelly
25:06.3 David Brown

Men 60 +

28:42.4 Michael Whalley

33:57.7 Robert Oliver
36:15.5 Eugene Brangman

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Hannover Re Half Marathon & 10K

Seamus Fearon
Seamus Fearon and Rose-Anna Hoey are the Male and Female Hannover Re Half Marathon Champions.

Christopher Harris and Stepanka Springcova are the Male and Female Hannover Re 10K Champions.

Fearon clocked a winning time of1:25:33, with Philip Mace second in 1:25:38, Glen Wilks rounded out the top three finishers crossing the line in 1:25:46.

Hoey was the 4th runner to cross the line in 1:27:40, with Ashley Estwanik finishing as the second female finisher and 5th overall with a time of 1:30:12 and Nancy Carrick was the third female finisher and 11th overall with a time of 1:39:00.

Harris led from start to finish running across the line in 36:45, Moses Mufandaedza was second in 40:36 and Ronae Burgess was third in 41:07.

Seasoned runner Springcova finished 11th overall with a time of 45:48, Andrea Luber was the second female finisher stopping the clock in 47:11 to finish 15th overall and one spot back was the third female finisher Kathleen Thompson who clocked 47:19.

Hannover Re Half Marathon Top 20 Finishers

1:25:33 Seamus Fearon

1:25:39 Philip Mace
1:25:46 Glen Wilks
1:27:40 Rose-Anna Hoey

1:30:12 Ashley Estwanik
1:33:16 Barry Murphy
1:36:00 Giuseppe Guglielmucci
1:37:21 Price Smith
1:37:38 Alexander Garbiak
1:38:16 Timothy Patterson
1:39:40 Tracey Sutherland
1:40:38 Peter Horrobin
1:40:53 Scott Neil
1:42:56 Richard Fulton
1:42:57 Alison Schindel
1:44:26 Colm Homan
1:44:50 Darin Cassidy
1:44:53 Laura Wright
1:45:08 Helen Draper
1:45:40 Steven Smith

Hannover Re 10K Run Top 20 Finishers

36:45 Christopher Harris

40:36 Moses Mufandaedza
41:07 Ronae Burgess
41:35 Jahmai Lottimore
42:19 Dennis Mbelenzi
43:19 Ciaran Keaveny
43:57 David Gazzard
44:56 Giles Spurling
45:11 Reid Robinson
45:36 Frederick Steede
45:48 Stepanka Sprincova
46:17 Zachary Clammer
46:17 Tom Meyer
46:58 Steve O'Reilly
47:11 Andrea Luber
47:19 Kathleen Thompson
47:23 Geoff Cornwall
48:16 Gerhard Boonstra
48:33 Wes Lindo
48:39 David Friston

Click Here to see the Full 2016 Hannover Re Half Marathon & 10K Results

Thursday, November 24, 2016
PASO Looking to Host Youth Games

A Youth Games conforming with International Olympic Committee (IOC) plans for a more regional format has been highlighted as the most viable multi-sport event for the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) to introduce.

This follows a presentation by a PASO New Events Commission at which a Pan American Beach Games and a Pan American Sports Festival, acting as a qualifier for the Pan American Games, were also considered.

All three ideas were considered "valuable projects" which "should be considered if we have suitable bids and prospective organisers".

They would all strengthen and improve the PASO brand, it is hoped, while also providing new opportunities for athletes.

A Pan American Youth Games was considered the number one objective because it would be "in line with the IOC vision in the near future".

An initial proposal has been made to host a first edition in 2021.

"The main objective of these Games is to have a high competition level with the best athletes represented ensuring a level of excellence within the age group while having a strong cultural and educational component," PASO first vice-president Ivar Sisniega explained during last week's PASO Extraordinary General Assembly in Doha.

"Among the reasons for having Pan American Youth Games are that there are currently no existing multi-sport Games for the youth at a continental level, there are not enough competitions for young athletes, they allow PASO and the NOCs to receive support and resources from the Government, they allow many sports to develop in the continent and this event also projects PASO as caring about the youth."

It comes as discussions continue over the future path of the IOC-organized Youth Olympics, first held in Singapore in 2010.

A Working Group commissioned in March to "review the positioning" of the event put forward five recommendations to August's IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro.

These were: "increase participation and level of competition", "bring the YOG to cities that cannot organize the Olympic Games", "expand the reach and impact of the YOG", "leverage digital platforms to extend the YOG experience" and "enhance the YOG’s role as incubator for innovation".

Buenos Aires is due to host the next summer edition in 2018 while Lausanne will play host to a winter version in 2020.

But delegates at the PASO meeting gave the impression that the longer term objective is to adopt a regional rather than a global format - principally to reduce costs.

Their plans are for a maximum operating budget of $25 million (£20 million/€23.7 million) in an event utilizing many of the same events as on the Pan American Games programme.

It will also aim to compliment a South American Youth Games of which a first edition was held in Lima in Peru in 2013 and a second is planned for Santiago in Chile in 2017.

No final decision over whether to press forward was made in Doha, with it expected to be discussed once again at April's General Assembly in Montevideo.
Wednesday, November 23, 2016
PASO Congratulate BOA on 80th Anniversary

During the recent Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) Meeting attended by the President of the Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) Judy Simons a plaque was presented in honor of the BOA 80th Anniversary Celebration.

It was during the recently concluded National Olympic Committees XXI General Assembly in Doha, that PASO President ‎Julio César Maglione made the presentation to BOA President Simons.
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