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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chris Estwanik has today announced that for the second year in a row he is unable to compete in the Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby.

Estwanik said, “I can confirm that I have injured myself and unfortunately will not be able to participate in this year's half marathon derby. While jumping one of the low railway trail barriers a few weeks ago I landed awkwardly and have suffered a fracture in my sacrum (a bone near the base of my spine).

I have been around running for long enough to know that injuries are part of the risk an athlete takes when competing and pushing one's body to the limit. I was very happy to have not only come back from a tough injury at this time last year, but to have also been running at a higher level than before over longer distances. My training prior to the mishap had been going really well and I was very much on target to compete at my highest level in the half marathon derby as well as a full marathon that I was set to run in June. Unfortunately, barring a change in opinion from my doctor and physio, I will not be competing in either race.

I feel very fortunate to have experienced the thrill of winning the Bermuda half marathon derby all 5 times that I have actually made it to the start line in Somerset and am very disappointing that, for the second year, I will not be competing in this year's race. Much like our defending champion Tyler Butterfield has been telling the world lately, Bermuda at large and my experiences here continue to be a huge motivator for me in my training. This, coupled with the support of far too many people to name here, will continue to motivate me on my road to recovery as I still have very lofty running goals to achieve over the next few years.

I would like to offer my sincerest best wishes to all the competitors who are running this year and will be cheering you all on loudly from the sidelines.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Estwanik Reflects on Boston Marathon A Year Ago

The Boston Marathon took place two days ago with some 36,000 participants going to the start line.

In 2013 the Marathon was ruined by two explosions at the finish line, a year after the events www.islandstats.com asked Ashley Estwanik to reflect on the year that has gone by.

“I can't tell you how many times I've recounted our story of the Boston Marathon over the past year. A day that was supposed to be filled with celebration, accomplishment, achievement, camaraderie - people from all walks of life coming together to achieve the common goal of finishing the 26.2 mile route from Hopkinton to downtown Boston - ended in tragedy, suffering and devastation.”

Estwanik continued, “What has come out of this, though, are the inspiring stories of recovery, bravery and courage. Stories of people who are learning to live with prosthetic limbs; people who are learning to walk again and even run again. So many times when things have felt hard I think about the people who lost their legs in those blasts. It really puts things in perspective.”

Estwanik went on to say, “Through all of the pain, the spirit of runners and the spirit of the city of Boston has really shone through. People have come together, supported each other and stood strong. The turnout of runners and supporters of this year's Boston Marathon was stronger than ever.”

Estwanik concluded, “The photos, tributes, facebook postings, mementoes all tell the story the courage and unity that was brought about by the tragedy of last year's Marathon. Boston strong!”
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Bermuda Finish Top 10 in Carifta Games

2014 Carifta Medalist
Bermuda have finished in the Top 10 in the 2014 Carifta Games Medal Table, Bermuda finished 9th capturing 5 Medals, with Kyrah Scraders winning a Gold and Silver Medal, Sakari Famous won a Silver Medal, Jahnai Perinchief won a Silver Medal and Dage Minors won a Bronze Medal.

Medals table at 43rd Carifta Games (Top 10)

Jamaica: Gold 42 – Silver 34 - Bronze 12 – Total: 88
Trinidad: Gold – 6 - Silver 7 - Bronze 12 – Total: 25
Barbados: Gold 5 - Silver 5 - Bronze 6 – Total: 16
Guyana: Gold 3 - Silver 1 - Bronze 0 – Total: 4
Guadeloupe: Gold 3 - Silver 0 - Bronze 8 – Total: 11
Dominica: Gold 2 – Silver 0 - Bronze 0 – Total: 2
Bahamas: Gold 1 - Silver 8 - Bronze 11 – Total: 20
Grenada: Gold 1 - Silver 3 - Bronze 2 – Total: 6
Bermuda: Gold 1 - Silver 3 - Bronze 1 – Total: 5

St Lucia: Gold 1 – Silver 1 - Bronze 1 – Total: 3

Monday, April 21, 2014
Boston Marathon 2014 Update

Kim Willey at the Start Line
Thousands of marathoners have begun running through the streets of Boston, after the city honored those killed and injured in a bomb attack last year.

A moment of silence was held ahead of the start before some 36,000 runners set off, 9,000 more than normal. Officials have mounted a huge security operation that includes a ban on rucksacks and screening at checkpoints. In last year's race two bombs exploded near the finish line, killing three people and wounding more than 260.

Andrew Hunt clocked 3:09.10 finishing 3,962nd overall, he was the 3,638th Male runner to cross the line and 2,319th in the 30-34 Age Group Division. Finishing 4,050th was Geoffrey Blee who clocked a time of 3:09.36, Blee was the 3,707th Male to cross the line and 401st in the 45-49 Age Group. Manuel Lopes finished 7,240th overall after recording a time of 3:23.02. Lopes was the 6,029th Male to cross the line and 176th in the 55-59 Age Group.

Ricky Sousa finished 18,689th crossing the line in a time of 4:03.04, Sousa was the 11,420th Male to cross the line and 1,699th in the 50-54 Age Group, Kim Willey was clocked across the line in a time of 4:03.57 finishing 18,874th, she was the 7,393rd Female to cross the line and she was 3,999th in the Female 35-39 Age Group.

Steven Ortiz clocked 4:08.50 on his was to finishing 19,789th, he was the 11,899th Male finisher to cross the line and 4,198th in the 35-39 Age Group. Anna Laura Hocking was 19,959th recording a time of 4:09.39, she was the 7,999th Female finisher and 4,218th in the Female 35-39 Age Group.

Darin Cassidy’s time of 4:12.57 saw him finish 20,580th, he was the 12,228th Male to cross the line and 4,289th in the 30-34 Age Group, Gemma Gowrie clocked a time of 4:13.49, she finished 20,735th overall, she was the 8,434th Female finisher and she was 4,357th in the Female 30 – 34 Age Group. Ali Hochberg was clocked across the line in a time of 4:14.45, she finished 20,912th overall, she was the 8,530th Female finisher to cross the line and she was 4,e87 in the 30 – 34 Age Group Division.

Alan Frith finished 24,213th after crossing the line in a time of 4:35.36, he was the 13,911th Male to cross the line and 4,739th in the 25-29 Age Group, while Kyle Smith clocked 4:42.25 on his way to finishing 25,121st, Smith was the 14,326th Male to cross the line and 4,869th in the 30-34 Age Group.
Sunday, April 20, 2014
RMS 10/20K Road Race Round Up

Chayce Smith
Christopher Harris and Laura Wright are the 2014 RMS 10K Male and Female Road Race Champions, while Chayce Smith and Ashley Estwanik are the 2014 RMS 20K Male and Female Road Race Champions.

Smith crossed the line almost two minutes ahead of his nearest rival, he broke the tape at 1:12.46, with Evan Naude finishing second in 1:14.32 and Ryan Wilson was third in 1:14.44.

Estwanik ran the distance at a 6:28 pace crossing the line 4th overall with a time of 1:20.18, Krista Dyer was the second Female finisher she crossed the line clocking 1:29.52 finishing 13th overall and Vivienne Lochhead was the third Female finisher and 15th overall clocking 1:32.00.

Harris put a big gap between himself and the second place runner he clocked a time of 37.05, with Jahmai Lottimore finishing second clocking 40.26 and Chefton Hall was third in a time of 41.41.

Wright was the fourth runner to cross the line, she was clocked at 43.49, while Laurie Orchard finished second with a time of 46.49 finishing 7th overall and one spot back was the third Female finisher in Kathleen Thompson who clocked a time of 46.57.

Click Here to see the Full 2014 RMS 20-10K Road Race Results

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