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Sunday, August 07, 2022
BPBA Annual Round the Island Power Boat Race

The Bermuda Power Boat Association hosted their Annual Round the Island Power Boat Race.

1st across the line and S Class winner was Andrew Cottingham and Henry Talbot clocking a time of 42:41. The A Class was won by Shane Madeiros and Erin Butterfield who clocked a time of 1:06:14, Quincy Dowling and Tai Bean won the B Class with a time of 53:27.

Winning the C Class with a time of 52:43 was Chad Sutherland and Lee Wilson, while the D Class was won by Jordan Fletcher and Mark Selley with a time of 49:38.


Race 1

1st Santiago Rowe

2nd Tristan Hocking
3rd Sayla Williams

Race 2

1st E’mari Ingemann

2nd Ryan McLean
3rd Ray Trott

Race 3

1st Tristan Hocking

2nd Santiago Rowe
3rd Sayla Williams

Race 4

1st Ryan McLean

2nd E’mari Ingemann
3rd Ray Trott

Race 5

1st Santiago Rowe

2nd Tristan Hocking
3rd Sayla Williams

Race 6

1st Ryan McLean

2nd E’mari Ingemann
3rd Ray Trott

Jet Skis

30:48 Cleveland Maybury

30:59 Dakari White
39:50 Jayson Simons
57:19 Jahlae Raynor
Thursday, August 04, 2022
Countdown to Round the Island Boat Race

Bermuda Power Boat Association (BPBA) Commodore Robert Cardwell released a statement with regards to the countdown to the Round the Island Race.

Cardwell said, “On Sunday, August 7th the BPBA will host the Round the Island Powerboat Race.

The day commences with Junior Races at Ferry Reach at 10:30 AM.

Next, there will be a Jet Ski Race commencing at 12:30. We have 5 Jet Skis registered so far but hope this number will increase as we get closer.

Finally, powerboat racing commences at 2 pm. A, B, C, D, and S Class Boats have entered. So far there are 18 boats registered but this number is expected to grow after the final sign-up meeting this evening.

We have a number of crash boats that will be scattered around the island. The Coast Guard will be on hand to support crash boats. We advise it is an offense to disobey instructions given by any crash boat or Coast Guard.

Pompano is an area many congregate to spectate. In previous years our racers have found it difficult to navigate through spectator boats anchored in the area and find it difficult to maintain their own race line. This year’s buoys will be placed along the Pompano Beach stretch. We ask for those intending to anchor to do so on the outside of these buoys. The teams will be racing between the shoreline and the buoys.

We ask for exceptional care and caution when moving around near the race course. Any wake thrown can have a disastrous effect on the racing boats. Care should be taken to not traverse over any of the race lines once the race has started. The race boats will be traveling at full speed - in excess of 100kph.”
Sunday, July 17, 2022
Bermuda Powerboat Racing Round-Up

The Bermuda Powerboat Race Season resumed at Ferry Reach with Powerboats and Junior Powerboats competing.

In the Powerboat S Class, Aaron Simms and Steven Bridges claimed the victory, while Craig Nebitt Sr. & Jr. won the D Class. The C Class was won by Chad and Graham Sutherland, with Jody and Tony Carreiro winning the B Class, and Shane Madeiros and Lawson Williams won the A Class.

In the Junior Division, Santiago Rowe won two of the four races, while Omari Ingeman, and Ryan McLean claimed a victory in the other two races.


Race 1

1st Omari Ingeman

2nd Santiago Rowe
3rd Sayla Williams

Race 2

1st Ryan McLean

2nd Jauza James
3rd Sayla Williams

Race 3

1st Santiago Rowe

2nd Omari Ingeman
3rd Ryan McLean

Race 4

1st Santiago Rowe

2nd Omari Ingeman
3rd Sayla Williams


A Class

1st Shane Madeiros and Lawson Williams

B Class

1st Jody and Tony Carreiro

2nd Quincy Dowling and Tai Bean

C Class

1st Chad and Graham Sutherland

2nd Lee Wilson and Callum

D Class

1st Craig Nebitt Sr. & Jr.

2nd Steven Marreles and Phillip Rapose

S Class

1st Aaron Simms and Steven Bridges

DNF Henry Talbot and Andrew Cottingham
Saturday, June 25, 2022
Record Broken in Seagull Race 2022

Matthie & Lightborn in action
The 2022 Seagull Race took place with the start and finish off the Sandy’s Boat Club in the West End.
Click Here to see Bermuda Seagull Race 2022

Despite the weather gods laughing at us and making the rain date – a true rain date – 0.8” of rain fell yesterday – most of it during the day as a front sent squalls through and made south shore even rougher than was anticipated.

Of the 43 boats registered – we had 6 boats that did not show – 14 boats broke down – 2 boats arrived back at the club but took a short cut so did not complete. So half the fleet made it home safe. Cold/wet – but safe.

Amazingly enough – a record was broken – Class F Unlimited – Original seagull engine with a pipe – In Loving Memory driven by Kenneth Matthie and crewed by Danielle Lightbourn – they broke the previous record of 2 hours 16 mins held by James Anfossi’s Win Race by 4 minutes. The new record is 2 hours 12 mins. As they had set off early – they decided that they should try and break their own record just set!!! So – they set off again!!! They almost made it around the island twice – but broke down on North Shore.

It was sad to see that some boats broke down on North Shore. After running the gauntlet of South Shore safely – there were a few that had engine issues and did not finish – apparently James and Adrianna Anfossi broke down 15 minutes from the finish line.

I have to mention Spencer Wood and Robert Pantry – they won the best dressed captain and crew prize. They donned wigs, multi coloured clothes and sunglasses (not exactly sure whether they were 1980’s or before) and went off in the rain boogying to their shoulder held boom box!!! Everyone could hear it over the noise of the engines – so at least they had music!!!

We also had at least 3 sets of young newbies to the race – Samantha and Robin Stempel (who broke down on North Shore); Owen DeCosta and Christian Rogue; Jaden Kowalchuk and Callum. The latter two sets of people completed the race. So well done to you all for braving the weather for your first attempt at seagulling round the island. I hope to see you all out there next year.

Click Here to see the Full 2022 Seagull Race Results

Friday, September 03, 2021
Power Boats Final Race Day Approved for Dockyard

Large Group Exemption Bermuda Power Boat Racing At Cross Island Dockyard

Public Health (Covid-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021 Large Group Exemption

Whereas the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport considers that Janae Nesbitt of The Bermuda Power Boat Association is justifying an exemption from the prohibition in regulation 5(5) of the Public Health (Covid-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021 on groups of more than 50 persons assembling;

Now therefore, the Minister grants an exemption under regulation 5(5) of those Regulations to Janae Nesbitt of 26 Orchard Grove, Pembroke HM16, permitting a gathering of 500 persons to assemble for the purposes of Bermuda Power Boat Racing at Cross Island Dockyard on September 26th, 2021 at 9am to 5pm, at Cross Island, Dockyard, 6 Clock Tower Parade, Sandys MA01, subject to the standard large group conditions below:

Standard Large Group Conditions:

The number of attendees at any event cannot exceed 50% of the normal capacity at any indoor or outdoor setting. ‘Attendees’ include hosts, organizers, staff, volunteers, players, coaches, officials, spectators and vendors.

The use of SafeKey is required for all attendees at any gathering of 51 persons or more. Attendees’ SafeKeys must be checked against a valid ID with name and date of birth, and be verified on https://verify.gov.bm/ prior to entry, per guidance at https://www.gov.bm/safekey.

Masks must be worn indoors and outdoors by staff and patrons if 6 foot distancing cannot be maintained, unless eating or drinking, or with members of one household or during physical exertion, per Public Health Guidelines at: www.gov.bm/mask-guidance

Contact tracing details must be collected from all attendees including full name, date and time of visit, phone and email in case there is a positive case in attendance.

Signage must be available throughout indoor and outdoor settings encouraging physical distancing and indoor mask wearing.

Marshalls must be deployed at the rate of 1 Marshall per 50 attendees, in particular at the entrance, bathrooms, food and drink vending, and narrow and enclosed areas to enforce 6 foot distancing, hand hygiene and mask wearing. Marshalls can include staff, volunteers and security.

Employees must be screened for signs/symptoms of Covid-19 at the start of their shift. Sick employees must be directed to stay home or immediately go home if they feel or appear sick.

Adhere to cleaning and disinfecting Public Health guidelines at: https://www.gov.bm/covid-19-guidance-events-and-gatherings

WeHealth is strongly encouraged as it will help contain an outbreak in case of a positive case at any event whether above or below the permitted number.

A copy of this “Letter of no objection” for the Large Group gathering and the conditions must be posted at the entrance and clearly visible and kept on file to be made available upon request

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport reserves the right to withdraw the permission to have more than the permitted number of persons assembled at the event without notice or cost to the Bermuda Government subject to the status of Covid-19 in the local community.

The Bermuda Police Service and Officials from the Ministries of National Security, Health and Youth, Culture and Sport have the right to attend and observe compliance of the conditions as prescribed above.

Dr. Ernest G. Peets, Minister of Youth, Culture and Spor
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